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  1. 9

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3900xt and Viper 4400mhz (need help)

    Hello! Until recently I was able to run my memory on 4200mhz with the XMP profile. After updating bios and drives I am no longer able to. My memory is running at 2300mhz which is pretty low. I got informed that 4200mhz is overkill and that the optimal RAM frequency for Ryzen 3900XT should be...
  2. Verybusy44

    [SOLVED] Trying to find a right ram kit, help!

    I7 - 9700k z390 a pro (runs 2666mhz ram speed) rtx 3060 ti I am trying to buy a new dual kit of RAM. I will be using xmp, not manual tweak. Q. The game i play requires very high ram speed, so my initial thought was to get 4000~4400mhz one. such as...
  3. J

    Question ram speed capped at 2133mhz

    Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z390 AORUS ELITE-CF (U3E1) my ram is stuck at 2133mhz and when i enable xmp it fails to boot i have https://www.overclockers.co.uk/patriot-viper-steel-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-pc4-35200c19-4400mhz-dual-channel-kit-pvs416g440c9k-my-103-pa.html i am aiming to achieve higher...