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  1. newinstapatel

    [SOLVED] "CPU Fan Error" and "CPU Over Temperature Error" - CPU temp 88°C

    Hi, my computer was working well till yesterday but since this morning I'm getting two errors when I turn on my PC. "CPU Fan Error" and sometimes "CPU Over Temperature Error" BIOS - updated to latest version. Fans - All 3 fans are working well including liquid cooled fan for CPU. Cleared off...
  2. R

    Question Overclocking 4790k

    I've had an i7-4790k for a long time and I'm starting to feel the power decrease in my FPS so I want to overclock but I have no knowledge in this matter. I would need the help of an expert to tell me if I can overclock with my current setup. Here is my complete setup: CPU: Intel i7-4790K GPU...
  3. T

    Question I need help to pick GPU for my old PC

    Hello guys. I’m kind in a pickle right now. My old GPU (gtx 760) died a week ago and I’m looking for 2nd hand GPU that will work good with my CPU, RAM and Monitor. I’m looking at: MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti VENTUS XS 6GB OC - (2nd hand with warranty until April 2022) KFA2 Hall Of Fame GeForce...
  4. A

    Question Should I buy a used i7 4790k?

    I have a system with an ASUS LGA 1150 motherboard, 16gb ddr3 ram, a gtx 980 and an i5 4690K. I want to upgrade my CPU but would have to replace my motherboard, RAM, and CPU if I want to go to a new generation. Is it worth spending $150-200 on a used i7?
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Potential Upgrade

    A friend of mine thinks I should upgrade my CPU to something newer, but I don't think I need to upgrade because I feel like my CPU is good enough. I have a 4790k overclocked to 4.4 all cores in an Asus MAXIMUS VI EXTREME with 32gb of DDR3 2133mhz. I want to play games on my new 144hz monitor and...
  6. B

    Question What is causing my screen artifacting?

    Hi guys, I seem to have a problem with my computer, i was playing a match of Counter strike and my monitor seemed to have an issue, but after looking further it's my computer. I have changed the PC and the artifacting goes away so not monitor, I have put the HDMI cable into the motherboard...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] My i7 4790K is at 100 degrees

    I recently started noticing a big dip in my frames so i downloaded HWmonitor to check the values and its pushing 100 degrees. What can have caused this and what is my next step? Last time i checked it was around 60 degrees after hours of playing games so that isnt that bad with the stock...
  8. GeckoTheG

    Question 2 CPU's died on me in the span of a couple hours. Help needed!

    Okay, this is a sad post. I'm an avid pc builder, who buys parts used and flips PC's. Was having a great week. Had an i7 4790k paired with a z97 board and an i5 4460 with an h81 mini itx board. I was testing a faulty gpu in my z97 board and downloading drivers for it with the igpu. Suddenly...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] 4790K - Recent increase in temps

    Build a 4790K system run in an Asus z97 pro wifi ac cooled Corsair H100i cooler with washer mod around 4 years ago. At the time just did basic OC testing, and bumped the boost clock speeds from 4.4 to 4.6GHz. I don't have the original thermal data but the system was stable under load. Over the...
  10. feemonts

    Question I7-4790K Still Worth it? Or do I need an upgrade

    Hi, I have a CPU I7-4790K (not OC, just the Base clock) GTX970 4GB 12GB DDR3 I can run the recent games (Odyssey, Sekiro, RAGE2, RE2, Darksiders3) at high or even ultra settings (medium shadows or anti-aliasing) however my CPU is reaaally old, back to 2014. Was wondering, do I really need an...
  11. O

    Question MSI Z87-G55 issues with installing i7 4790k

    Hello, I currently have a MSI Z87-G55 mobo. Website states it's compatible with 4790k processor. When I went to put the processor in and booted the computer, it starts and then shuts off and restarts again, in a loop. I have updated and flashed the bios, checked again. No luck. Is there...
  12. N

    Question 4790K Antec M240 AIO - High temperatures in Prime95

    Hi Guys, I have just decided to part ways with my old I5 4690 (stock) and upgrade to I7 4790k (second hand), as I am playing battlefield 5, which is a cpu intensive game and I had few frame drops on it. Before purchasing a AIO Antec Mercury 240MM water block, I used stock cooler with a poor...
  13. A

    Question H100i extreme hot under Load i7 4790k

    Hey guys, i have an i7 4790k Stock Settings(no OC) cooled by an Corsair H100i The Temps on Idle are somewhere between 30- 35 °C. On 100% Load (Cinebench or some CPU Heavy Games) it will instantly start going to 100C and Throttles the CPU. Ive testet the Pump, its Working, i can feel the...
  14. WayneTech

    Question 4790K Throttling

    Following a notification from CAM telling me a component of my PC was over the recommended limit, I expected to see my GPU running at 83° but instead found it to be my CPU. I'm running an i7 4790K Devils canyon at stock clock with a H100i GTX. I'm idling at around 32° and when stressed, it...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Should i upgrade me 4790k? And to what?

    I like to stream and i play on 144hz and i can tell that the 4790k is starting to push to the limits. now for an upgrade what should i do thats best for the price? Do i go ryzen 2700x? or do i go i7 8700k? some extra input from others would be helpful thank you!
  16. K

    Question Overclocking 4790k under performing

    Hello, For the last 3 years, I have been running my 4790k stock with the stock cooler, I was getting around 100c while playing games, so was constantly thermal throttling. Ive now installed a hyper 212 evo, and its nice. I get around 80 with my overclocks, so temperature is no longer an issue...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Cpu or Gpu upgrade

    I have a ryzen 7 1700x and an RX 580. I game and do youtube and twitch. Which component should I upgrade?
  18. D

    Back headphone jack gives static noise

    My rig has an Asus EX-B250-V7 motherboard, here's the link to the product https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/EX-B250-V7/overview/ Lately i've been hearing some static noise from the back headphone jack whenlistening to high pitch sound from the headphone, like some windows 10 effect sounds...
  19. L

    Huge FPS Drops on Med/High End PC

    Specs (not overclocked): i7 8700K Nvidia RTX 2080 FE Asus Z-370G motherboard 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x8 Corsair H60 CPU cooler Corsair TX650M PSU 250GB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 for boot drive 2TB Firecuda for game storage I've been dealing with an issue on my PC for quite some time...
  20. J

    Advice on CPU upgrading

    Hi all! Would love some thoughts from everyone. I've been gradually doing more and more upgrading of my PC but I'm still pretty new. I'm into the big stuff now, and think I need to up my CPU. Currently I run an AMD A8-6600K, which is the stock CPU it came with that's showing its age. My...