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Page 7 - Forum discussion tagged with 4790k.
  1. S

    6800k vs ebay xeon for Gaming PC

    I was planning on building a gaming pc with a 6800k and then found out that were dirt cheap xeons for sale on ebay. Some of the deals seem amazing, like a 16 core v4 for $340. I also understand there are ethical concerns about Engineering Samples, but i'm not worried about that. Will the...
  2. H

    Both Xbox audio And Pc Audio?

    I was just wondering if theres some magic way to get both xbox audio and pc audio to play through one headset or make it so that my xbox sound goess through my pc? is there some special converter or something. i want this because i use discord and wanna hear audio too
  3. J

    GPU vs integrated graphic monitor ports

    This may be a dumb question, but is there a difference between using the ports on the GPU (GTX 1070 in this case) vs the integrated graphics on the motherboard/cpu.?
  4. D

    WD My Passport Drive

    I bought a pair of these drives and have been using the WD Software to use 1 to mirror the other without any issues. Suddenly the Master Disk has stopped mounting in the WD Software. I am still using the master disk from my computer, but only the mirror disk ever mounts, so the WD software...
  5. S

    Re-wired gaming PC to find preformance has dropped massively

    Recently i have just finished re wiring my gaming pc as i got a new case and psu. The psu is a corsair hx1000i and the case is a coolermaster haf x. No problems with heat or power. I have a build in R7 graphics with the cpu and motherboard and then an addtional 4GB R9 380x gpu with that. Now...
  6. D

    Does my GPU need a fan?

    I was given a NVidea Tesla M2070 for my birthday,a nd am looking to build a PC for the first time. I was wondering if it needed fans as it didn't have it.
  7. S

    Is hp 15-ab125ax is good for gaming ??

    I m confused between hp 15-ac123tx and hp 15-ab125ax which one is best for gaming??
  8. zCaptain

    Clicking noise on booting up pc. Graphics card? PSU? Motherboard? Can't tell.

    So... This is rather complicated: I bought a MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G, about 2 months ago (replaced the 660, and worked really well), and more recently I bought an internal sound card Asus Strix Soar PCI-E. I bought it because I could hear my mouse moving across the monitor, in my headphones. Did...
  9. M

    Is this true about resolution in gaming

    For example you have a 1480p resolution but your games can only run a good fps on 1080p. Is it true that a 1080p monitor playing the game will still looke better than the 1480p monitor that turned its resolution down to 1080p?
  10. B

    corsair h100igtx pump noise

    I'm having an issue with my h100igtx.it seems to make a rattling noise on quiet mode which I can confirm is coming from the pump.i disabled my hdd gpu and case fans to be sure.is this something normal with this cooler or should I be worried?by the way I have recorded a vid that I will probably...
  11. A

    Help Random Pc restarts!

    Hello Guys can anyone help me with this PC error im having Specs Are: MOBO: M5A78L-MUSB3 GPU: GTX 970 STRIX 4GB CPU: FX8350 RAM: 16GB KINGSTON FURY X COOLER:HYPER EVO 212 PSU: CX750 I recently upgraded from a FX6300 to a fFX8350 and ever since had had a random restart problem, this can vary...
  12. G

    my pc improvements

    hi these are the specs of my pc CPU Intel Pentium N3700 @ 1.60GHz RAM 8.00GB DDR3 @ 799MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard Acer Aspire XC-704 (SOCKET 0) Graphics Intel HD Graphics my case size is H:26.6cm W:10cm D:36.96 also has a 65W power supply could anyone find me a graphics card to...
  13. RYANoceros92

    I reinstalled windows 10 on a new SSD now it's saying I need to activate.

    Hi guys, I just brought a new SSD and tried to clone my original SSD onto it but it didn't work, So then I just installed a fresh windows 10 onto the new SSD and it says I need to activate, I fixed the old SSD which is also saying I need to activate, I tried activating windows on the new SSD...
  14. C

    What is Windows 10 Developer Mode?

    I notice in Windows 10 when I go to Setting and Update and Security there you can find "For Developers" setting and inside you have 3 choices, Windows Store Apps; Sideload Apps; Developer Mode. After discovering this setting, I can't help but question: What are these? How different are they at...
  15. S

    PC and PS4 Audio in one headset.

    First off I'm not sure where this should go so I'm putting it in home audio because it has something to do with audio. Anyway, I have the Razer Kraken 7.1s, and it's a usb headset. I was wondering is there was a way to have it connected to my PC and PS4 at the same time because I usually skype...
  16. H

    ASRock Z87 OC FORMULA ethernet faulty

    Hi, I have an ASRock Z87 OC FORMULA board for which I've misplaced the invoice and can no longer recall where I've got it. The serial number is 37M0X3027793. Given that it was only released in 2013, and that the OC FORMULA series has 5 years warranty, this board should still be under warranty...
  17. S

    Asus Maximus VI Hero doesnt get to bios on restart, but power off and on works fine

    Recently i upgraded my CPU to a 4790k. I did thorough research to prepare for my upgrade. I updated/flashed my bios, installed my cooling kit flawlessly, as well as familiarized myself with all of my bios settings to try and overclock as i please. Specs: 4790k (stable at 4.8ghz oc'd), VI hero...
  18. phillipreilly707

    Core Apps (I.e. Photos, Calculator, Settings Etc...) wont work. This application can not be used inbuilt administrator account

    I have been googling this for far to long with little/no success. I am the systems admin and have tinkered with just about every setting. What I want (if possible) is to use these apps without changing my user account and keeping UAC disabled.
  19. Y

    Where can I find my Notebooks drivers?

    Hello, I've got the Toshiba NB550D-10H (par no. pll5fe because i needed that i some research). I want to finally upgrade it to win 8 but i can't find these old drivers i would need on a site i can really trust. I hope someone can help
  20. K

    HTPC Build Comments

    Hello, I am building a PC to watch movies and TV Shows online and maybe a little bit gaming. this is why i build the following system; should i buy the components or do you have suggestions? I am in İstanbul / Turkey and the total cost is around 320 $ with shipping and 23$ discount i had from...