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  1. Question super slow SSD speed

    so i bought a Kingston SSD couple of months ago and i just thought of running benchmarks and i'm surprise with the results. i'm using Intel and SATA 3
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    Question Adata SX8200 slow write speed

    I'm using a ADATA SX8200NP 480gb and the write speed is very slow. Write speed hovers around 550ish for Sequential. Read speed is also slower than other benchmarks I saw but not as bad as Write. My motherboard is MSI H370 Gaming Pro Carbon, the ssd is plugged into the top slot with m.2 shield...
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    Problem installing Windows 8.1 on clean drive. Error at Expanding files.

    I have searched the internet for advice in this regard, but have not been successful. Here is my problem: As I had connection problems with a 2TB Seagate external hard drive, I removed my one internal HD (500GB) and replaced it with the 2TB hard drive. I cleaned the 2TB HD with UBCD 511. I...