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    Question 4G WiFi for Gaming

    Hello, As of writing we're looking into 4G WiFi for our Home Broadband, due to our current Home Broadband being incredibly slow and inconsistent. After phoning multiple Broadband suppliers it seems that the current Home Broadband we are getting is the best speeds we can get with BT. So after...
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    [SOLVED] 4g Broadband Ping Issues

    Hi, I live in a rural area and because of this copper cables was my only way of receiving broadband and I was right at the end of the exchange meaning I was only receiving about 3mbps. However, my ping was around 20 when playing online games. I have since moved to a 4g unlimited plan with...
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    Question 4g router speeds vary wildly for no particular reason

    Hi all, I have recently bought Vodafones 5g Gigacube to replace the Three 3g that I am using at the moment. 5g isn't available in my area yet (hopefully it will be soon, if people stop burning the towers down), so I am using Vodafones 4g. The speeds have been varying wildly every few minutes...
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    [SOLVED] 4G Broadband?

    Hi guys! Wasn't sure where to put this topic so sorry in advance if its not meant to be in the "Wireless-Networking" category. I live in a rural area and for all my life have suffered from terrible internet I just done a wired speedtest on my desktop and got around 1.5mbps down and 0.7 Up, not...