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  1. Watrevir

    Question Which is better: Low Latency and Low Bandwidth or High Latency and High Bandwidth?

    Hello all Where I live we're stuck with cable download speeds up to 2Mbps with around 30ms latency. The connection is pretty inconsistent - often we get sub-1Mbps speeds, which is unusable. We use the internet for browsing and streaming, but I have to borrow a friend's connection if I want to...
  2. F

    Question 4G WiFi for Gaming

    Hello, As of writing we're looking into 4G WiFi for our Home Broadband, due to our current Home Broadband being incredibly slow and inconsistent. After phoning multiple Broadband suppliers it seems that the current Home Broadband we are getting is the best speeds we can get with BT. So after...
  3. C

    Question Super strange 4g router and s10+ connectivity issue driving me insane

    Hi everyone, Im going crazy over this for the last couple of months. I have tplink tl-mr6400 4g router and all the devices I have from laptops to mobile phones connect over wifi to it and have normal internet access, except my phone - s10+. I am not a network expert but i know my way around...
  4. V

    Question Which internet 4g Modem is best ?

    Hello I'm going to buy a new 4g USB modem and i have two options to choose .. 1) Huawei e3276s-150 2) ZTE 403ZT so which one is best ?
  5. RyanKhan

    [SOLVED] What is this used for?

    What's up guys, So I got this new place and on the roof top I found this. Please check image : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NVsMcF2PSxd2zzL-TGoRwQaw8fuQRPSt/view?usp=drivesdk Is this used to boost LTE signals? because there is a huge signal problem in this area and while writing this...
  6. T

    Question Good 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Device?

    Hello, I am in search of a good 4G LTE mobile hotspot device. Right now in my location, I don't have good internet access so I am wanting to use my unlimited hotspot feature I still have with T-Mobile. With that being said, can someone recommend me a good 4G LTE mobile hotspot device? I don't...
  7. J

    Question I/O plate.

    I have installed the I/O plate and there are things that appear to be latches that are sticking out. Do i just push them back. Or do I leave them and push them back when I plug in a device or lead?
  8. J

    Question Black screen and no signal to keyboard and mouse when turning computer on

    So I tried turning on my computer a couple of days ago after it was working fine the day before but just got a no signal message and seemingly no power to my keyboard and mouse despite the lights and fans in my computer working and the monitor receiving power. I have tried using a different...
  9. McFee

    Question 9900k and 2666Mhz Ram. Should i buy new ram?

    I have a 5820k Oc'd to 4.5Ghz and looking to upgrade my CPU and MOBO. Looking to purchase a 9900k I'm on the fence if i should buy a new ram kit. I currently have a 16Gb kit (4x4GB) kingston Hyper X CL13. I see most builds today with 3200Mhz and ill be attempting some overclocking with the...
  10. Roy C.

    [SOLVED] Questions about computer for college

    Hi yall, this is my first time posting so please bear with me if I did anything wrong lol I currently have a pretty crap desktop and plan to get a new desktop/ laptop for when I go to college next school year... I have a budget of 1000 - 2000 and hope to get a system (good desktop + laptop/...
  11. B

    Question CPU dropping to 5% and GPU dropping to 0%

    I bought a GTX 1060 and a new power supply recently and have been getting extreme frame drops and freezing for upwards of 30 seconds. Upon looking at it in MSI afterburner when the freezing happens my CPU usage drops to around 4-6% and my GPU usage drops to 0% this happens really frequently...
  12. Auuuuuuuu

    [SOLVED] psu 550w enough for rx 570 8gb

    my spec: i5 2500 ram 4gb ddr3 1333 x2 psu 550w
  13. ChristianO

    Question PSU possibly too weak?

    I'm repairing a build for someone and noticed there is a 450w Bronze EVGA PSU (a low quality PSU) and that seems low seeing that the recommended for the GPU is a 550w+. The system is a little on the louder side when under load, maybe just the choice of fans and the GPU. There aren't really any...
  14. D

    Question Is there any similar keyboard to ctrl massdrop that is available in India and is under 160$ (Rs.10,000)

    Need a similar grey keyboard like ctrl massdrop Should be available in India Nd budget is under 160$ (Rs.10,000)
  15. A

    RTX 2080ti or GTX1080ti

    Im building a new gamming pc, and am trying to decide between a 1080ti or a 2080ti. I would like to be able to play games at max detail with high frame rates. I just want to know if more games in the future will suport the RTX Ray tracing, and if it would help to play the games at higher frame rates
  16. M

    Opinion and recomendations on my next build

    Hello there guys, im new in the forum. For this summer 2019 im planning to build a new Gaming PC. I've got some experience building some of my past computers, but a little help from the forum is always good. So far, this is what I have https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xMGbHh. First is to know if...
  17. aafusc2988

    Remove Norton completely from Windows 10 PC

    I regret getting Norton - this PC was just built two weeks ago or so. Have read horror stories trying to get this program removed. What do I do?
  18. T

    [SOLVED] Will my i5-6600k wor with 4 ram sticks

    Will my i5-6600k run with 4x8gb ram sticks? And I have a asus prime b250m-plus mobo
  19. S

    Good gaming laptop options for college

    I’m trying to get a gaming laptop for college. What is a good laptop that has decent specs that does not weigh too much. My price budget is $1500.
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Should i be looking at CPU OR GPU?

    Despite of being a tech, I am not in tune with Graphics cards... .. SO Basically I am building a whole setup for a client. Livestreaming his podcast but also adding video online. I believe I am going to go with 3-4 1080 or 4K Logitech or USB cameras but add an extra USB 3.0 pci card inside...