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    Where do I plug in my liquid cooler

    Do I plug my pump into the cpu fan slot or the fan slot, btw I also have a slot that says "liquid fan" does the mobo assume I have a liquid cooler in if I plug anything in that slot? Thanks in advance
  2. T

    how to connect my samsung sound bar HW-F551 to my samsung 49mu6102 uhd tv

    how to connect my samsung sound bar HW-F551 to my samsung 49mu6102 uhd tv
  3. H

    Mixer Is Giving Streamers A Way To Make More Money

    Streamers will get a 5% cut of the revenue from every purchase made on their channel. Mixer Is Giving Streamers A Way To Make More Money : Read more
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    Just need to check part compatibility

    Building a new rig and have picked out what parts I will use just want to know if the parts are going to run well together. Parts below: Motherboard: GigaByte GA-Z170-HD3P CPU: I5 8600K Memory: 16Gb DDR4 2133Mhz GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb PSU: Gigabyte B700H ATX System will run Windows 10
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    Help me to get a camera

    I am planning to get a camera for that i have choosen Nikon D7200, Canon 77D & Canon 80D. But I have confused with these 3 cam
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    Monitor HDMI reacts to signal but shows black screen blinking

    So I have used the HDMI to connect to PS4 for a year now, worked no problem. Now i connect the HDMI cable and the monitor reacts like it gets a connection but there is no display. It keeps blinking like "here is me receiving signal, but I no show you anything". What I have done is, Turn on PS4...
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    OBS can't hit 2.5Mbps Upload, neither can Ggle Speed Test, but Spectrum says my 20Mbps upload speeds(I pay for) are fine?

    Question is above. If I test my speeds on Google, I get average downs at 220Mbps, but my Upload which should be around 20 has trouble hitting 5 Mbps, This isnt the case on the spectrum.net speed test. That one hits the 20 mark no problem. All that, and when I try to stream from any software (my...
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    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Windows 8.1 Nvidia Drivers Issue

    UPDATE: Turns out the probelm was a Windows Security Update. I uninstalled the three latest windows updates as of today and now my PC is fine. Hi all, last week I started getting a BSOD when watching videos and playing games. The error code was DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. Using WhoCrashed it looks...
  9. M

    Moher board with 3 PCI slots

    i want to have a mother board with 3 PCI slots for a pick & place machine , please suggest a mother board , PCI Express will not work as the original swiss machine has 3 slots for 3 control cards
  10. P

    TP-PA7101 Powerline green on one end red on other

    So i have the TP-PA7101 powerline adapters. They were working fine for 2 months and 3 days ago stopped working. I have tried to troubleshoot as best as i could. It ended up with a green light on on adapter and a red light on another for the powerline LED. I dont know what is wrong or what to do!
  11. R

    My LG from Metro pcs

    I have an LG phone from Metro Pcs and i brought a T-Mobile sim card is my phone compatible?
  12. P

    GPU Cable HELP

    Hi, I have the 780Ti Matrix Platinum and a Corsair HX1000. Currently I'm using the included cable but it doesn't look good because it's a single cable that splits into 2. I want to get these cables so it will look clean. Would this cable work...
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    Stutter and low fps in game, can only be fix with limiting processors/cores

    Hi I have an issue where game stutter and low fps can only be fix by reducing number of processors for a process (eg setting affinity in task manager)_games including PUBG, fallout, mass effect, csgo... Noted difference is the increased CPU usage when limiting processors (obviously), and that...
  14. D

    Is this my graphics card doing this?

    I have some pictures of my screen and was wondering if I need a new graphics card or if it's something else any help would be great thanks. [/URL][/img]
  15. Coedgy

    do I add 1x8gb or 2x4gb to 2x4gb for 16gb's

    Hi. I have already bought 2x4gb ram sticks when I last built my pc. Now i want to upgrade it to 16gigs. I have 4 card slots, two are in use, so do I buy 2x4 or 1x8gb of the SAME ram?
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    funtion key not working

    dell funtion key not working
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    Best gaming pc for 600€

    Best gaming pc for 600€ on amazon.de?
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    Multiple display setup

    I have Nvidia gpu and i want to connect my pc with tv using HDMI and use it as extended screen (as i did before), i mostly use it to watch movies so i dont using very often..so i just turn it off in nvidia control panel when i dont use it. Few days ago i turned it on and it only said "doesnt...
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    Help Finding the Best Wireless Gaming HEADPHONES, not HEADSET

    Hey everyone, frustrated, im asking for help finding a great pair of wireless gaming headphones. I say headphones because i'm not looking for a headset, typically a headset includes a imc, extra features, rgb, just stuff i dont need. All i need, is comfort, great sound quality, and wireless...