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  1. M

    MS-7680 Motherboard w gtx 1050 work?

    I've got a ms-7580 motherboard and I'm wondering if a gtx 1050 work with it
  2. M

    asus p8p67 deluxe booting problem

    Hi i got this PC problem in advance many thanks for the help. So like each year my pc would randomly shut down and tries to keep rebooting and failing. So when i opened it up and cleaned the inside it would work again.(weird but it worked). So yesterday i got the same problem again and tried...
  3. cgplays

    Will this build work?

    I am building a PC and I need to know if these parts would work perfectly together. I would go to pcpartpicker, but they can't calculate the sizes of the parts. Here's what I got. CPU: http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/amd-ryzen-7-yd180xbcaewof-1800x-8-core-am4-cpu/YD180XBCAEWOF Heatsink...
  4. K

    will my pc work with my 1440p 144hz monitor?

    hi guys. i dont know much about monitors but i have bought this monitor as an upgrade https://www.ebuyer.com/755822-acer-xf240yu-23-8-wide-qhd-gaming-monitor-um-qx0ee-001# i have a gtx 1060 but i mainly play esports games hence the 144hz. i was wondering what i need to take into consideration...
  5. okoice

    I plan to buy new CPU, should i put thermal paste on it?

    Im planning to buy cpu for first time as a component to upgrade my PC. Should i also buy some thermal paste and put it on it? And can i use it without thermal paste and put it for example later on? And whats the difference between having it on my CPU and not using it. Is there any major...
  6. saifraja

    Choosing a desired Motherboard!!!

    Intel pentium G4560 is the processor WD's 1 Tb Caviar Black as Storage Entry level Psu This is my first Budget Build Pc There are 2 concerns regarding motherboard 1) I do not wish to pay more for additional functions of a motherboard which i m not even gonna use like crossfire. 2) A...
  7. R

    small voltages jumps

    i was trying to make an stable OC on my FX 6300, set the voltage to 1.4465v, but i noticed cpuid shows it as 1.440, then as i was doing some stability test with AIDA noticed voltage going up to 1.456 then 1.467, it stopped at 1.488v, so i was wondering is this normal? could cause more dmg on the...
  8. R

    Restoring files after converting to GPT

    Contemplating converting from MBR to UEFI win10 and win7 dual booting. Restoring backup data from external HDD is the same whether backup was from MBR data or UEFI?
  9. Teemsan

    Buyers beware of fraudulent hard drive seller on Amazon and Newegg

    I posted a long thread yesterday regarding the return of two drives yesterday, but I wanted to create a separate thread to warn buyers of a fraudulent seller. The seller is named Aero Malls and they are selling on Amazon and Newegg. Here is an example listing of their WD Blue drive on...
  10. A

    wireless card,Old one has 2 terminals, new one has 3 terminals. whats going on.

    Bought new wireless card . New card has Three terminals Old Card has Two Terminals . What terminal do I use? Toshiba 215A
  11. S

    Is this an upgrade you would recommend?

    I have an AMD FX 6300 six core processor, 16 gb ddr3 ram, and a Geforce GTX 780 with 3 GBs ram. Would upgrading the graphics be the best long term upgrade for the future? What about this card? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487259&cm_re=1070-_-14-487-259-_-Product
  12. A

    direct x didn't install

    I can't install direct x11 in Nvidia 710.It show that this is not applicable to your computer pls help
  13. E

    Could my PSU be dying instead of my GPU?

    So a couple of days ago I was smelling a burning scent coming from my pc. It was also making some pretty wierd noises, so I opened up a pc stats program where you can see fan speeds and temperatures and I saw ny GPU fans were not spinning. I checked inside and they really were not. I assumed...
  14. H

    Help! I7 3770K can't OC

    Hello, i would like some help on OCing my i7 3770K 3.5GHZ, i recently overclocked it to 4.1GHZ on bios, step up and turbo enabled and offset mode. But when i checked on Cpu-Z the clock was stuck at 3.5GHZ when stress tested. Would appreciate help, thanks in advance.
  15. A

    Need help verifying pc parts list

    Wanted to get some critique/advice/suggestions on my pc part list so far. Price range was 2000-2500, was always going to get 32GB, not too sure about the low 75Hz on the monitor. Pretty happy with the Z270 motherboard and I'm definite on the CPU and kinda sure on the video card. Keyboard no...
  16. T

    Windows 10 Login screen won't open.

    On my 6 year old, dell, windows 10 Laptop, I can get into the startup screen with the time on it, but when i click and the time moves up to open up the login page, it immediately goes back to the time. I do not know what is wrong with the computer and could not find any other people having this...
  17. I

    Upgraded PSU, No Audio

    Hi, I recently upgraded my power supply. This wasn't to replace the old one because it was broken or anything, just a simple upgrade. However, after setting it all up, everything seems to be fine except my rear audio jack no longer plays sound. Opening audio mixer, I can see that Speakers...
  18. O

    Accelero Xtreme 5870

    Hello! I currently have a 5870 1gb with the accelero xtreme 5870 cooler and keeps it really cool, 50C in full load, but since it is a very old card i want to upgrade it to a 1060 3gb but i dont want the cooler to on thr 1060 to be stock so i'm wondering if this cooler is same as the accelero...
  19. T

    Best PSU for HP 8300 elite sff

    Hello guys, I have an HP 8300 elite sff with an i5 3470, a GTX 750 ti low profile from MSI and 8 GB of DDR 3 RAM. The PC is currently running with a 240w power supply and it's enough for my build but I would like to upgrade to a 1050 ti low profile and 16 GB of RAM. What's the best power supply...
  20. Y

    can i run 144hz with a dvi cable in 900p?

    hi can i run 144hz with a dvi cable in 900p?