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    Question 4k monitor or 2k monitor for GTX 1080Ti SLI

    I already have 2 GTX 1080TI from my previous PC which i used for only editing and recently i purchased MSI X570 MEG ACE motherboard and Ryzen 7 3700X. I want to use there my present GTX 1080TI card and want to SLI for gaming and editing too. Before buying monitor i researched alot and found...
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    Question 4k tv connected on a pc

    When I connect my tv on my pc with a 1060 6g will the quality still be as good when I just use it as a tv what will be smart any suggestions will be Appreciated
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    Question 4K, IPS, 60hz or 1440p, TN, 144hz ?

    Hello, so I am looking for an upgrade to my BenQ GL2440 monitor. I have some types of monitors for this. Mainly what I want to do with my monitor is watching YouTube and some time competitive CS:GO with my friends. So I think for content consumption an 4k ips is perfect for this, but probably...
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    Question Avermedia and Displayport issue

    Hello! First post here. I'm facing an issue that has left me helpless and I hope I can find some help here. I want to record videos in 4K60fps on my PC. While after the editing, the video will only be rendered in 1080p60fps, I want the footage to be in 4K60fps so I can zoom into the video...