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  1. ProgamerIV

    Question 4K video editing on a budget - is this build OK?

    As the title says, a friend of mine who knows absolutely nothing about computers, asked me to build him a 4K editing PC. But he's on a budget, we live in Hungary so the market is quite different (prices for electronics are very high thanks to our record-high VAT), but he has around 640usd...
  2. S

    Question Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor for 4k video editing?

    Hi, Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor with 4 cores & 8 hyperthreads threads (8M Cache, up to 4.20 GHz) 3.6Ghz Clock Speed. Intel Z270 Chipset. Along with the motherboard I have: ASUS Z710-A 64GB RAM Will above setup work for editing 4k in Davinci Resolve 16? This is a Creation Station I...
  3. miguel.aleluia

    [SOLVED] Pc build to edit any 4k raw footage in DaVinci - 3k€ budg. (help)

    Hello! Alright, so I understand very little of computers. All I gathered was with a month of research and 30 tabs opened on chrome 10 hours a day looking for components and comparing them. Im going crazy, help. I'll be doing heavy short-film editing and need an efficient workstation that...
  4. K

    Question Best Method to charge battery?

    Guys, I want to ask which option is better to prolong this laptop battery and make the battery healthier (regardless the performance). Opt. 1: keep conservation mode on and plug in the laptop all the time of usage Opt. 2: discharge charger at 60% and use until 40% and manually charge again...
  5. A

    Will a gtx 1080 ti fit on a micro atx motherboard?

    Hello I have a gigabyte h81 motherboard And I want to know if the MSI VGA Geforce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11GB and 16 GB ram Will fit and work with my motherboard Also I want to know if all these will fit in this tower CASE LC-POWER 988B GAMING RED TYPHOON MIDI LC-988B-ON Do you think this is...
  6. N

    Red and blue artifacts followed by system reset

    I just rma'd my GPU and waiting on the replacement, does this sound like a GPU issue to you guys? It can happen anywhere between 5 minutes gaming or 6 hours down the line, the screen hangs and is followed by red/blue artifacts (can still hear the game sound and YouTube running some music) which...
  7. L

    I just got the ASUS T200. My problem is this: somehow the Num Lock is set for ON, so some of my letters are typing as number

    ASUS T200: What is the way to enable/disable the Num Lock? This keyboard has no Num Lock key present on the keyboard. I can't disable it, so I can't type all the letters (l is 3, k is 2, etc.).