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  1. belzoth

    Question 5950X vs 5800X3D for 4K gaming ?

    5950X vs 5800X3D for my use case? I have a 2700x and a 2080ti now. My game plan all along was to buy the best CPU at the end of the cycle and then not upgrade for another 5 years at CPU if I could help it and just upgrade the GPU 1 or 2 times. So maybe I end up with a new Nvidia card in the...
  2. O

    [SOLVED] Gaming in 1080p on a 4K monitor?

    How much would the picture quality suffer if I were to play 1080p games on a 4K monitor ? I own a 1080p 144hz display but my PC specs are not good and cannot be improved easily in my country. So i decided to buy a PS4 Pro and replace my monitor with a 4k one instead. Any tips or useful information ?
  3. Torwulder

    [SOLVED] Running 5 displays off of one GPU

    So, the time has come to upgrade my system. However, i've run into a dilemma. I need to be able to output to 5 separate displays. And it seems neither AMDs, nor Nvidias new cards support that. Only 3 or 4 outputs. This didn't use to be an issue since in the passed i've only run 4 displays. But...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 alarmingly low performance

    So I recently paired my rtx 3080 with my r5 3600 (no this is not a bottenecking situation) and fired up rainbow six siege (using vulkan, as it has the edge in performance after numerous optimizations). In 1440p maxed out, it maintains 165fps at around 75-95% gpu usage. This is alarming to me...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Worth upgrading to an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super for my current 2013 rig?

    Usage: 4K Gaming Current Specs: ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Performance Intel i7 3770 16GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti CPU Liquid Cooler DEEPCOOL MAELSTROM 120T Case DEEPCOOL DUKASE V2 128GB SDD (Mostly for OS) 2TB Sata HDD Corsair GS600 600W PSU It's a 2013 rig. I only changed GPU and case a...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] RAM Speed vs. More RAM for Video Editing and Gaming

    I am currently looking to build a PC for video editing and gaming with the following specs: CPU: AMD RYZEN 7 3700X RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory The CPU can support RAM at 3200 speed. I went with 64 GB RAM because video editing requires lots of RAM (more than 32...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Best GPU option for very high end 4K gaming rig - Ryzen 9 3950X OR i9-10920X

    Hello, Im about to build a very high end system and plan to power it with the Nvidia RTX 2080i. I was wondering if that is the best graphics card for top tier gaming on a 4K screen as opposed to a SLI build? I currently have 2 x 1080s with SLI but they’re not doing so well with my 4K screen so...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] i7 8700(non k) running at very high temperatures while gaming

    Hi, Below are my system specs - MOTHERBOARD (Chipset - Z370) = Asus TUF Z370 PRO gaming CPU(Socket - LGA 1151) = i7 8700 GPU = ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Twin Fan RAM = Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR 4 SSD = Samsung 750 evo 120GB HDD = Seagate Barracuda(Green) ST1000DM010-2EP102 1TB PSU =...
  9. DraftDragon21

    [SOLVED] Upgrade cpu or gpu?

    I currently have a budget around $700 and want to upgrade my system. I'm planning on either replacing my 1070 with a 2080 or my oced 6600k with a ryzen processor (3700x) and a new mobo. I do programming (including neural networking), some rendering, and 4k gaming. I would like to know if it...
  10. M

    Lost the outer ring of headphone slot of my pc.

    I broke the outer silver ring of my headphone slot of my pc and lost it i can still use headphones but that requires me to actually hold it in place. Is there a place where i can buy that ring and can i simply attach it back with glue??? plss halp meh
  11. P

    1 case fan spinning faster than rest

    I have a Phantek P400 temper glass and have 3 120mm Corsair Quite Fans installed on it, 2 in front panel and 1 in the back. My parts are: Asus B-350 Strix motherboard MSI GTX 1080 Ryzen 5 1600x Coolmaster Hyper LED Cooler Evga SC 3000 memory My issue is that my lower fan on the front panel is...
  12. Y

    Recommandation for a quiet case

    Im planning on buying a new rig very soon with 8700K and GTX1080TI and i want a very quiet case. i was thinking about the Fractal Design R5 but in a review the guy mentioned that if a fan is mounted on the side or top of the case (which otherwise be covered with a metal plate) you loose some of...
  13. 5

    Honest Opinion on my First Build Intel or AMD

    Here is a link to my build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vLsvcc I'm new here and have been researching alot about building PC's. I will be using this PC for light gaming (AA) titles and 1080p video editing as well as CAD. I know the PC may not be capable of this with the current components but...
  14. Jamlons

    New PC im thinking of building

    Hello, ive been doing research and im thinking of buying this PC. Some parts i don't know which to pick so if you can help me there :D CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 Quad Core LGA 1150 3.3GHz CPU Processor MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H-A LGA 1150 Intel Motherboard Case: Raidmax Viper GX II...
  15. O

    no signal on monitor or tv

    I goes to blackscr,een a lot on my pc no matter what conection or display i try and then when i reboot it doesnt even show me the windows loading or bios and keep it that i way i try with F8 to change the resolution while booting bit nothing. My pc specs I7 3770k Asus maximus v formula Geforce...
  16. P

    Computer wont start if molex is powering a new USB 3 card.

    I've finished building a new rig with a ASUS Z9PA-D8 server board and dual Xeons 2670 and a 750w EVGA PSU. The computer runs great but, since this motherboard only has 2 USB3 ports, I bought a Orico expansion card with 5 more ports...
  17. A

    Pentium D TDP question

    So straight to things. My CPU is celeron D (single core 2,66Ghz with 1,4v max and TDP 84w) So i want to use Pentium D 945 (dual core 3,2GHz with 95w TDP) Will pentium survive in celeron D stock(package) cooler? And if not will core 2 duo 6300 survive? And can 3,2Ghz pentium D win Core 2 duo...
  18. O

    Help on how to cheapen this build while staying with an i7 6 core

    Hi, I'm currently researching parts for my next PC build. I didn't build my first one so I'm a little over my head here. I've read a lot on this site (a lot of helpful info) but I'd like some help on this particular build. I need a PC for music production. So a lot of RAM and a good CPU. I...
  19. N

    DDR3 1600 CL11 RAM running at 1066 CL7

    Okay, so my I got myself reading articles about RAM and found out that mine is not running at rated. I never changed any settings of my BIOS. My RAM is a Crucial 4GB DDR3-1600 1.35V CL11 The default settings of my mobo reads the RAM as 1066 - CL7(?) [7-7-7-19] at 1.5V Should I set it to...
  20. S

    380x 84 celsius with 67 fans speed.

    hello please i need advice. While ago i saw that my temperature on my graphic without msi afterburner are big. So i tested it on furmark for 5 mins and card maxed out 84 celsius. Fans went to 67% usage(low usage i think). I have bed airflow in my case graphic doesnt have fan to get hot air out...
  21. M

    GPU fans won't work on new PC

    I've assemble this PC today http://pcpartpicker.com/guide/YxgXsY/500-blitz-gaming-pc I'm pretty sure I connected everything correctly When I start the computer my CPU Fan starts, so does the power supply and my other fan ( can't seem to find where to plug the front LED fan tho... But the...
  22. A

    Does DDR2 MotherBoard support DDR3 Graphics Card?

    I have mobo:~ ASUS P5KPL AM/PS Processor:~ Intel Pentium E5700 RAM:~ DDR2 2GB Windows 7 64bit and I was about to buy any nVIDIA GeForce GT 610 DDR3(preferable) Graphics Card.
  23. Stupid Old Computer

    My computer lags playing games at minimum!

    This thing is just laggy i can't play games without them running at 10 fps on minimum settings. Examples: Simcity 5 , Take on helicopters (Hardly runs) , Wildstar (Really bad lag) Tried Razer game booster nothing improved. If i was to save for a decent machine it would take me quite a long...
  24. Johnonpcin1080p

    Please make a PC Upgrade list!!!

    Hi,I have an i5 2500k and a P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard.But I want to upgrade to i7 4930k and a X79 Motherboard(BETTER is ASUS and must with QUAD SLI).And also I want to upgrade my GTX780 to GTX780 2xsli. Also I want to upgrade my PSU and CASE which will handle the GTX780 sli.My budget is about...
  25. O

    Hard drive in RAW format when plugged to SATA mobo but NTFS when plugged to USB mobo

    Hello, I have a 2Tb WD red hard drive which contains all my movies. It was formatted as NTFS on windows 7 and has been filled using a sata to usb 2.0 adapter while I was waiting to build my htpc. Now the htpc is built and running windows 7 on separate hd but when I connect my hd to it using the...