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  1. imBW

    Question Games run at 4k resolution even though I have a Gigabyte G24F 1080p Monitor ?

    Whenever I open a newly installed game, it sets it to 3840x2160 as default. In other games like Apex or Horizon Zero Dawn, an easy fix is to just set it back to 1080p and I get my normal FPS in-game back but in the case for Valorant, my FPS dropped significantly (150-200fps to 40-90fps) even at...
  2. Sonwen

    Discussion New 4K Config

    Hi, I don't really know where to post this thread sorry. With the new generations of CPU and GPU, I decided to get a brand new PC and sell my old one from 2018 rather mid-range. Here is the config I would like to have to be able to play in 4k max settings (I guess) : CASE NZXT H510 Flow...
  3. C

    Question Best M1 or M2 for two monitors 4K at 144Hz ?

    Hello Everyone. I would like to ask some experts in the upper mentioned architecture, are there any variants of M1 or M2 doesn't matter if laptop or desktop variant, but I would like to connect 2 monitors with 4K resolution with 144Hz refresh rate. Thank you for your answers.
  4. N

    Question Which high end gaming monitor to get this year?

    Alright so currently i have a 27 inch 4k 144hz hdr monitor from LG and i use a 3090 to power it. I love the resolution at this size and everything looks so crisp/sharp. Even with a 3090, AAA games at max settings will most likely get 100 or less frames depending on the title but they are...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Old 4k gaming gpu?

    I have a dell optiplex 3010 I gave my parents and now I am getting a new psu so I will give them the thermaltake smart 600w. They will mostly not use the pc but my mother does like playing old cods specifically bo2 and bo1 zombies they have a 4k surround sound in the basement and I would like...
  6. albn99

    [SOLVED] 4K monitor and GTX 1080, viable?

    I am looking to buy a 4K monitor, but I am reluctant because my setup is rather old. I have an i7 8700k and a GTX 1080. I am not sure if 4k is a viable option. Since there's so many options out there, am I just wasting my money? The monitor I am looking at is this, but has a 60Hz refresh rate...
  7. willyburns

    Question Do you watch 4K videos using an Ultrawide monitor, or just 1440p?

    Do you stream YouTube at 4K when using an ultrawide monitor (3440x1440)? YouTube sert to auto defaults to 1440p, however, there are extra pixels going to waste at that resolution compared with a 2560x1440 monitor right? I'm not even sure it makes much of difference IRL, and videos stream faster...
  8. ioannis2015v

    [SOLVED] Gtx 1060 4k Windows 7

    Hello, I have Gtx 1060 6gb for about 5 months and all this time I could set the screen's resolution to 4k (besides my monitor was 1080p) through pc settings on desktop or in games such as PUBG. But the last few days I can't set 4k and the maximum resolution is 1080p both on desktop windows...
  9. M

    1070 Underperform !?

    hello 6 months ago or something i bought my new pc i was so excited i built it then started playing i have a gtx 1070 g1 and 1600x ryzen with 500w power supply from evga i downloaded csgo first it gave me 30 fps in high settings i was so disappointed then i downloaded gta v it gave me 40 fps in...
  10. J

    can I use all graphic card with amd athlon x4

    can I use all graphic card with amd athlon x4 ? my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WiFi
  11. K

    Is there a way to expedite the RMA process with Asus.

    I'm on my 3rd RMA with the same motherboard and same problem and this process is taking way too long. The first time I RMA'd my motherboard it was returned to me without being fixed. The second time I RMA'd my Motherboard it was returned to me with superficial damage so I installed it and it...