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  1. Kaynan92

    Question Need help! Trying to overclock my cpu to 5.0Ghz

    I could use some help overclocking my processor. I'm currently using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility seems to be a good software compared to some others I've seen. I can get it to idle at 5.0Ghz and pass Intels stress test, but I can't get it to run Intels benchmark for more then 5 seconds. Can...
  2. S

    Question Overclocked my 8700k to 5.0 Ghz

    I've overclocked my i7-8700k to 5.0Ghz with my newly purchased kraken x52 on the MSI z370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I have no planning on delidding my CPU. I'm also running 16GB of G. Skill TridentZ RAM running at 3466. Anything I should know?
  3. G

    Quick question on WD MYBOOK

    Hey guys, first time posting. I recently bought a WD MY BOOK 4TB newest model and have gotten scared about losing my data if my enclosure dies due to some software/hardware encryption bullshit. Do you guys think if I should remove the harddrive from MY BOOK and reformat it to remove the...
  4. R

    CPU + GPU Max for 600w

    Hello. I can put a 980 ti + i7 4790k with a power supply corsair cx600w 80+? Or what cpu + Nvidia card are the top for these PSU? I will use them for gaming. No overclock. Thanks
  5. garyshows

    980 ti or titan x for 1080p/4k

    What gpu should I get for 1080p I plan on eventuly going up to 4k Budget is not a promblem