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  1. jprado

    Question No boot, cpu fan at full speed, 5 short beeps

    hi, my computer turned off out of nowhere when i was just browsing the web and now it doesn't turn on. the CPU fan starts and keeps running at full speed despite no post & no boot, with 5 short beeps playing at 10-15 seconds after i press the on button. from what i've read the 5 short beeps...
  2. JustRelaxASC

    Question 5 short beeps when only PSU is plugged

    So a weird thing happened now, I unplugged my PC to take a look at a weird scrapping noise I was hearing recently, turns out (I think, it's a dying HDD), now, that's not my question.. I plugged in only the PSU power cable so I could hear what was making the noise and I heard 5 short beeps on...