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    [SOLVED] Will my pc be faster if i dont have windows 10 installed on ssd?

    I dont want to reinstall windows 10 and i only have a 500gb hdd... ive been wondering if i will see any improvement if i buy an ssd jutr for more storage space and dont actually install windows onto the ssd? Also will i get faster loading screens etc?>< also i have wierd texture popins in games...
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    Question hard disk 500 gb problem

    hi , i would share my problem with you guys maybe i got the solution , so i have a second hard disk western digital 500 gb when i put it in the first time it work normaly but when i try to delete some folder in the hard , the hard disk want work again it show me in the dsk management : disk...
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    Question Hard disque of CCTV

    Hi, I have a CCTV with 500GB Hard disc, i want to check the DATA stored in the hard disc, when i connect it with Laptop, it doesn't work, the laptop detect the hard drive but it doesn't show up,.. I need your help please to get access to the hard drive . Thanks.
  4. Question What is up with my hard drive ?

    Earlier this year, I upgraded my old intel system to Ryzen. My old system had just 500GB of Internal storage. That Western Digital HDD is really old. Having 2x1TB of external storage, I didn't really need internal storage much except for OS. So anyway, it was working just fine on my old system...
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    Best GPU for a 500W PSU?

    Okay so hopefully this makes sense :) I have a 500W PSU and need a better GPU. I was looking at getting a NVidia GeForce 760 2GB, which requires 2 six pin connecters. My PSU only has one. Could I use a Molex to six pin adapter or not? If not is there anything else I can buy? Thanks.