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  1. Reilgan

    [SOLVED] Can 500w PSU handle an RX 580 Nitro+?

    Pardon me guys, I would like to ask you about my rig. I have a Ryzen 2200G CPU without ex-GPU and a freesync monitor now Now I'm planing to buy a Sapphire RX 580 4gb Nitro+, but my current PSU is just 500W 80+, I read on the sapphire website that RX 580 Nitro recomended PSU is 500W or greater ...
  2. Gulbis20

    Question Why is my PSU making like electric noise something like crackling/grinding noise also?

    Hello, so it's been few months and my PSU is making grinding/electric/crackling noise like if electricity would make some noise. If it's possible I can add sound where you can maybe try to listen to it. And the fun part is that when I turn in power options high performance the sound is making...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to continue with that PSU ?

    Hi, I've a cooler master 500w psu and i own it since 4 years with AMD R7 2GB DDR5 and it worked fine for about 3 years but on 2018 while playing GTA V the screen froze but i restarted my pc and i ignored that then after 1 day the same thing happened while playing pubg then it continued to...
  4. maxiolano

    Question 500w psu enough for a gtx 1050?

    will a evga 500w 80+ psu be enough for a gtx 1050? my cpu is a ryzen 2200g
  5. P

    Sony home incomplete

    Hi. I have a problem with the product Sony home bdv-n7200w, I have incomplete equipment, I lack the central speaker. My questions are: is there the possibility of buying one? in what place? if not, can a compatible speaker be used? thank you! Greetings. Paul
  6. Golitan11

    New build : I want more cores, but not the extra features X99 has to offer. Which route should I go?

    Approximate purchase date : Before September. Budget : About 2000$ USD (could be less depending on my needs). System usage : Mostly for productivity tasks such as programming (computer vision, 3D programming, etc.) and music production. I also play video games sometimes (maybe 20% of the time)...
  7. A

    How Many Fans Do I Need?

    Hi, This is my first time building a PC, and I am trying to figure out how many fans I need to get sufficient airflow throughout the case. Is it right to mount the exhaust fans on the top and back of the case, and the intake on the front/bottom? I will be using the computer mainly for gaming and...
  8. N

    Can someone help me with which motherboard to buy?

    I'm a beginner at building computers, and I am completely lost as to which motherboard I need. The CPU I am purchasing is an AMD Sempron 145, and the graphics cards I am buying are 2x AMD Radeon HD 7870. Can someone help me choose a board which can use that processor, and also fit both of these...