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  1. Dumb Old Guy

    [SOLVED] Will a Ryzen 7 5700G w/32gb ram run a 5120x1440 monitor?

    It's not for gaming. I'm a software guy, and like to have lots of windows upon concurrently while I design apps and sites. I'm currently using a 34" 21:9 monitor hooked to a 5 year old dell xps15 laptop w/32gb, and want to retire it before it dies. I don't see why it wouldn't work, but would...
  2. antr1x

    [SOLVED] [Gaming] Threadripper 2990WX / 2x 2080 Ti / 5120x1440 resolution

    Hi all! I'm going to buy a new motherboard and cpu, since my video cards (rog 2080 ti matrix) do not fit motherboards on socket 1151 because of pci-e slots positions (video cards are "thick" and with 3 way sli gap the top gpu does not receive airflow). And yes, I know that processors like 2990wx...