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  1. Adrihan

    [solved] [closed] Sudden Stutter in The Witcher 3

    So after one month not playing it, i decided to play Witcher 3 once again a few days ago, but i got surprised by some serious performance issue. The game is stuttering, sometimes lightly, mostly bad as hell. No matter if I'm moving or just standing still or moving the camera, and all of that...
  2. jamesp33

    AMD zen vs FX 8000 Series and FX 9000 Series

    Wil it be worth the upgrade? I'll be getting a AMD vega but I'm not sure about AMD zen. I have a FX 8000 series processor myself and I'm gonna get a MOBO that has the socket that ZEN uses. If it's worth the upgrade that is. I know it's gonna be better, But is it worth the upgrade?