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    Question Uhhh. Got this and also driver timeouts... AMD

    Hello... My gpu ( Rx 580 ) has been having some issues. Thats the worst thing to happen for me right now because if this card is faulty i will be screwed :.( Anyways some of these issues include driver timeouts when only 1 monitor is connected. This has absolutely confused me and I really do...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Possible to use the power of one GPU but make it display to another ?

    Basically what the title says. I have an rx 580 and I want to add a second screen. Problem is that I don't have an adaptor and because of the pandemic I can't order anything like I used to. I do have a gt 730 at hand that has the display outputs I need and can fit in my case. Is there a way to...
  3. assassinslo

    Question Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite problems

    I just build a new PC and I have 2 problems. 1. problem: When RX 580 is installed, my Kingston A2000 is not recognized neither in M2A neither in M2B. I borrowed GTX 1080 and everything works normally with Kingston A2000. I bought cheapest SATA3 SSD and installed RX 580 and it works. Both GPUs...
  4. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Ram running slow?

    Cpu-Z frequency: 798.4 Mhz (DDR4-1596) Its ddr4 3200mhz ram and only running at idk... I enable XMP profile 1 like a guy told me on a forum and still running slow?
  5. Question Gpu Usage Spikes from 0% to 100%? (sapphire rx 580 8gb) How can i fix this?

    Im having spikess what should i do??? Any setting i should turn off from amd radeon software? I tried installing msi afterburner and turn on unified usage monitoring but that didnt quite work. I ran fortnite (yes) to screenshot the spikes for you Is this normal? I also sometimes have spikes when...
  6. A

    Question Best GPU for photo and video editing

    You've probably heard this a million times. After a bunch of research, I'm still stuck on what GPU to get for editing. I'll make this thread organized as possible for the ease of clarification. Intention I barely play games so this is mainly for photography and I'm planning to move forward with...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] Help chosing next gpu

    Hello there, So my gpu just fried, I can say I was a sad. It lasted more than 6 years, with heavy use almost every day. And now I'm in search for a new gpu. current specs: i5-3450 3.1Ghz 4 cores no hyperthreading 12GB ddr3 PSU RM850i Corsair I only play at 1080p, games like Space Engineers...
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    Question Unsure what RAM will be compatible with my Dell

    I'm planning on upgrading the RAM in my Dell Inspiron 580, but while doing some research ran into an inconsistency regarding compatibility. I currently have 4 GB (4x 1 GB) and wanted to upgrade to 8 GB, most likely in 2x 4 GB. On some posts on the Dell forum, someone said that only a max of up...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Need RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB default bios

    Hello guys! Can you help me with an stock bios for RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB?
  10. W

    Question Used GTX 970 or Sapphire RX 580 4GB as GTX 750 Ti upgrade?

    Hey, new to the forum. I've been planning on upgrading from my ageing GTX 750 Ti for a while now and finally decided now was the time. I'm a little strapped for cash so decided to limit my cost to £100 or less and had a look at some local second hand cards. Currently there's an ASUS GTX 970 for...
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    Question I purchased a gpu for my build finally, the included PCI-E cable with my power supply doesnt fit the gpu. What cord do I buy?

    I've been running without a gpu in my system now for a while. My power supply is https://www.newegg.com/rosewill-hive-series-hive-750s-750w/p/N82E16817182133?Description=rosewill%20750&cm_re=rosewill_750-_-17-182-133-_-Product While the gpu I purchased is...
  12. A

    Question Difference between these GPUs? (Newbie)

    I was feeling confident pressing the "Checkout" button in my NewEgg shopping card and realized that there were better reviews for the same GPU I was getting, however for a different brand. They are both RTX 580 cards, however one is MSI and the other XFX. I don't know what the difference between...
  13. R

    Question will vega 56 be good enough

    So i'm looking to upgrade my gpu and i recently bought a open box red dragon 580 for $140. it's a nice upgrade from my 960, but i'm looking at getting a new monitor and not sure if the 580 is really what i want. I'm looking at a 27-32" QHD 144 hz curved screen with freesync. A 1080p 144 hz also...
  14. MattDaSilva

    [SOLVED] New RX 580/Dell XPS 8500 Black Screen Issue

    I recently purchased some parts to upgrade my old Dell XPS 8500 into a capable gaming PC with hopes to upgrade the rest of the parts and case later. Ran into a major issue where upon turning on the pc with the monitor hooked up to the GPU (new PSU also installed) the monitor shows nothing and...
  15. Mo.R

    Question RX 580

    hi, ive heard somewhere that radeon graphics cards are loud, is the rx 580 or 590 one of them. if it is could you suggest soem quite graphic card around under £300 thanks in advance
  16. K

    Gigabyte z170-hd3 RAM support

    I have a gigabyte z170-hd3 motherboard and im looking to upgrade to the HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 16GB kit(3200MHz). Does my motherboard support this ram or should i get a different brand of ram? I looked at the gigabyte website and saw my motherboard supports 3200MHz but when i went to the...
  17. C

    Shoul i go bigger?

    have the i7 6700k and a bluray drive and asus z170-A motherboard and 16gb ram ddr4 and im getting tomorrow the evga sc2 1080 TI and i have the h100iv2 watercooler corsair and i have this psu https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015YEIBJ8/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_Bg0.zbQAG50ME?tag=linus21-20 i wanna know if...
  18. B

    asus ac3100 router

    i just purchased the ac 3100 and setting up my network was easy. the one thing I have noticed is my xbox 360 is showing up under the 2.4ghz wireless connection but I have it hard wired to the router. im not understanding why this is when my other hard wired connections show up correctly. can...
  19. S

    problem with HDD and EXTERNAL CASES

    I have this hard drive wd1200jb-00fua0. I just bought this NATEC NKZ-0448 RHINO 3.5 USB 3.0 SATA ENCLOSURE SLIM ALUMINIUM BLACK. But i now i see they dont have same reception.Can i do something ?-
  20. R

    my computer is suddenly freezing and shutting down

    my computer is suddenly freezing and shutting down.Few days ago it was only shutting once a day but now a days its shutting after ever 10 to 15 mins. i have cleaned my cpu fans many times but it did not helped me :/ need help .. :(
  21. S

    Iphone 5c Dropped in Water and Screen has Stopped Working

    Okay so I left it to dry out all night after the incident and it seemed to be working okay this morning, but now the screen has stopped responding completely and has vertical greyish bars. Do you reckon I should try and let it dry out another night or just get a new screen?
  22. B

    Looking for GPU for Triple Monitor

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my GTX 780 and my mobo only supports Crossfire so i cant go SLI with the GTX 780 so my question is there a single Nvidia Card that would deliver enough preformace to runs games at high settings across 3 monitors or am i better off getting 2 AMD cards? This is the AMD...
  23. M

    My PC boots 2times.

    When i start my computer, it just starts up until it reach the windows loading screen, then starts over again and starts up completly. I have a SSD so it happens quit fast, but its still annoying. Whats causing the isue?
  24. Marshall Honorof

    ASUS RT Wireless Routers Easy to Hack, Easy to Patch

    An inventive hack could hijack your entire Internet experience if you don't update your ASUS RT router quickly and carefully. ASUS RT Wireless Routers Easy to Hack, Easy to Patch : Read more
  25. KaiserPhantasma

    [Help]My laptop didn't boot properly but was OK last night

    the story behind this is I was playing world of tanks with my laptop last night until I got disconnected and hitted it a bit hard (beside the touchpad) but after that it was still playing fine for 2-3 hours until I slept (the laptop still turned on) when I woke up it was with a BSOD and me...
  26. mrcnarine

    Is this build good enough for animations and some light gaming?

    Hello, so im buying a computer from a local computer store to help with their sales, I have just started learning animation both 3D and 2D aswell. I originally planned to build my own PC for 500$ but because i know the store owner personally i wanted to help him, from the following build that...