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  1. qqrakka

    Question Safe to use singular 8pin to dual 6+2pin on a 8+6 pin card?

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused on how to proceed with this, I bought a Nitro+ RX 590 from my friend that I'd like to install into my system to replace the RX 560D I've been using for the past 5 years, but I am worried about the power requirements: The card has a maximum power consumption of...
  2. B

    Question PSU 8pin (6+2) works with RTX 2060 8 PIN?

    Hey, I have a Chieftec eco GPE 600-s, it has two PCI 8PIN(6+2) connectors. Would it fit in a RTX 2060 which needs 8 pins? Sorry for this stupid, repeated question, but I want to make sure that it will work or not. I know that my PSU is really bad, I will get a new one in 2-3 months. Thanks...
  3. D

    backgroundcontainer.dll error message on boot

    I am getting that C:\users\appdata\local\conduit\backgroundcontainer\backgroundcontainer.dll error message when I first boot up my computer. I have tried Malware bytes anti malware, Kaspersky, Vipre.... nothing will get rid of it.... any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated... Thanks!