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  1. H

    Question Dell XPS 9100, 6 Beeps on start up, no display. New video card, no luck ?

    I have a Dell XPS 9100 and I went to start up and I got 6 beeps with no display. Dell online said 6 beeps is a video card failure. I had an Asus Radeon R7 250. I got a new one (same card) and I installed it and it worked! Made it through the install completely. Shut it down that night and booted...
  2. mt_Sync

    Question Monitor doesn't show anything after opening.

    I left my PC on for ~2 hours to download a game while I was away for some work. When I came back, the computer was still working but the monitor was not showing anything (black). 1. I tried to restart it because I had the same thing happening a few more times before and restarting usually...
  3. pradeep1987

    Please suggest Grand Theft Auto 5 1080P Low or Medium settings GPU

    Hello Guys Please help me in finding gpu for Grand Theft Auto 5 1080P Low or Medium settings. R7 240 can play Gta 5? R7 250 Can play Gta 5? Please tell the answer for both the gpu and tell why? I need to buy it soon.