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  1. camamgbo

    [SOLVED] Gpu only spins when 6/8 pins are connected

    cpu: i5 67000k gpu: gtx 1070 psu: evga supernova 850w I’ve had my computer for almost 3 years now however my problem started around last week. Since it’s summer i’ve been staying up pretty late so at the end of the day i usually end up leaving my computer on. A few days ago i woke up to my Led...
  2. polikitez

    [SOLVED] GTX 960 GPU 8 pin power supply issue

    Hello, everyone. I'm new here and I'm not too experienced building PCs. I am trying to give life again to some old hardware I have, and I encountered an issue. I want to install a GTX 960 (EVGA) in my computer, but I realized my (newest and best) power supply unit does not have the 8 pin...
  3. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] No 6 pin connector...

    My psu has no 6 pin connector, can i buy one online, plug it in psu then gpu and it will work?