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  1. HawaiiGG

    Question Sapphire HD 5830 with only one power cable

    this might apply for all gpus but i was wondering if i really need to have two 6 pin cables plugged in? right now if i try running it on one power it wont display. is this because the card is dead or not? i tried the gpu on my b450m and it wont boot at all, im guessing its since the gpu is...
  2. Hasan_abdullah

    [SOLVED] Do all PSU have the 6 pin thing for graphics cards? And where is it located on the PSU?

    I want to upgrade my GT 610 to a higher level GTX series which will use a 6 pin adapter. The GT 610 doesnt use a power supply i think so im not sure what to do. Any help appreciated!
  3. K

    [SOLVED] 6-pin to 8-pin or 6-pin to 4-pin

    I got a new PC today, but it has one 6-pin and one 4-pin connector. My RX 570 uses 8-pin so I want to know if its better to use an adapter that converts 6-pin to 8-pin or an adpater that converts 6-pin to 4-pin and also use that other 4-pin that my PSU has to connect with my GPU My PSU is 500W...
  4. C

    True Crypt / Veracrypt Container crackable ?

    Hi It is possible today to crack a truecrypt or a veracrypt container when if the password has more than 32 characters ? Encryption Method AES,TWOFISH,Serpent SHA 512 For Example with words, numbers and special characters and words in different languages.