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  1. RealSmoke

    Question No 6 pin connector...

    My psu has no 6 pin connector, can i buy one online, plug it in psu then gpu and it will work?
  2. skkhatri1

    Question need help with my gtx 760

    in about 2 weeks before i buy used gtx 760 from aliexpress and it is working fine but 2 days ago i was playing game and suddenly my pc turned off and then won't turned on when i check for problem then i noticed that when i connect to 1 6 pin connector it says power down but when i use 2nd...
  3. skkhatri1

    [SOLVED] Need Help in my gtx 760

    receentely i buy gtx 760 from aliexpress and its working fine but one day i am using my pc and the its turned off direcly and do not starting my pc out of two 6 pin when pluged in one then its displays power down but when plug in another six pin its do noting not even starts fan for little...
  4. N

    Question GIVE ME A GOOD AND CHEAP FIX PSU FOR GTX 760(dual 6 pin)

    Hey guys i just need proper solution not a suggestion like getting a new psu ..... the problem is i have a 550 w all 30 A no company PSU and it does not have a 4 pin or 6 pin and i want to power my 760. can i use molex to 6pin + 6pin to dual 6pin
  5. A

    Question Does using a 6 pin power cable makes Pci express idle?

    hello guys i want to know when i'm using 6 pin power connector, does this extra power is added to what is the limits of Pci express OR 6 pin would supply all the power that card needs altogether?