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  1. mraazx

    [SOLVED] Which One Should I take BenQ GW2283 or LG 22MK600M?

    Hello, I need a new monitor. I usually do work and gaming on my pc and I have RX 580 GPU. Which Monitor Should I take ? I need better build quality and colors BenQ GW2283 or LG 22MK600M both the monitors are same price and I want to buy from these two models
  2. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Is 144 Hz worth it?

    I am having trouble deciding between two monitors: Dell U2719D and LG 27GL850. I am currently using two HP 27er (60 Hz) which I am considering upgrading from due to the low PPI. I prefer the design of the U2719D since it has smaller bezels but it lacks support for G Sync and 144 Hz which the...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Can a 60 hz laptop support a 75 hz monitor. Laptop has 1050ti and i5-8300H

    Hi. I have been wondering if a laptop with a 1050ti, i5-8300H, and 60hz can support a monitor with 75 hz. Thank you!
  4. A

    Looking for good speaker position for 5.1 system setup.

    I got my living room measured out and if recorded right the width and length of the room is 186"Lx169"W. My TV sits at the very center of the room just above the fire place (Give it about 4 feet, about chest height to me). The whole wall (except above and below the windows) are completely made...
  5. T

    Bose QC35 Mics don't work on PC and when set to Headset it has a static sound

    I recently purchase the new Bose QuietComfort 35 and wanted to use it for CSGO. In my sound settings of playback devices, i get 2 devices: Headset or Headphones. If I were to set Headset as the default device -I get a small static sound -the sound from the headphone becomes extremely bad -mic...
  6. S

    Will my PSU handle a GTX 1080?

    I'm hyped for the new GTX 1080 but I'm not sure that my PSU is good enough. It's a Corsair GS600, which I believe is 80+ Bronze. I also have 16GB RAM, 2 SSDs and a HDD as well as other small things drawing power. I heard that it draws next to no power but I'm still skeptical as my PSU isn't very...