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    Question Refresh rate on multiple monitors

    Hey everyone, Who can explain me how the refresh rate works with different monitors? Lets say the main monitor is a 144hz, seconday 100hz and a third one 60hz. What will the refresh rate be while browsing and what while gaming? Thank you!
  2. B

    Question Games under 100 fps feels laggy on 144hz monitor

    Recently I bought new 144 hz monitor and every game that doesn't run on 100+ fps feels like it's under 60 fps. I bought it because I saw that there isn't big big difference between playing games at 60 fps on 60hz or 144hz but it would be best to play at 72+ which I can. I saw that I'm not the...
  3. omkar yepre

    Question recent screen tearing issues in fps games

    my system gives me constant 300 fps in csgo and valorant but recently i have started facing screen tearing issues while i look using the mouse or make movements ... i still get 300 fps but my game feels bad ... i get screen tearing all the time ... the hardware i have is i5 9400f rtx 2060 and my...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Dual Monitor 144hz and 60hz with HDMI

    Can I run Dual Monitor 144hz and 60hz both with HDMI v2.0? Last time I had to use a Display Port and HDMI to get the 144hz to work. When I used two HDMI's, it would downgrade the 144hz to 60hz instead. What is the easiest inexpensive solution? My display port crapped the bed. What if I use an...
  5. S

    Precision T3500 CPU Fan always on full speed

    Hi, I have a Precision T3500 which, when turned on the CPU fan spins at full speed constantly creating a lot of noise. This has only happened recently, despite no changes to software, hardware or environment. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? Thanx Farhan