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  1. approximatespecifics

    Question wifi for an HP 6200 pro MT

    I am looking for a wireless card for a desktop. I recently purchased an HP 6200 pro MT, refurbished, with some minor upgrades, 16gb ram, i7 processor, 1 TB HDD/ 500gb supplimentary HDD. Anyway, i have been having problems finding a compatible wifi card in stock anywhere. I was looking for an HP...
  2. MikeTheBuilder

    Question Upgrading: HP-6200 Intel® Core™ i5-2400

    I've been working happily for some 5 years now with an older, HP desktop system but about 2 years ago I started dabbling in 3D design and over the last 6 months, 3D-graphics and I'm outstripping the systems ability to render in reasonably acceptable time periods. Now I'm looking to upgrade and...