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  1. Mohamed21

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 x32 to Windows 10 x64

    The device is HP Precario Compaq CQ61 (3GB RAM/Pentium T4200 CPU/BIOS Version: Hewlett-Packard F.23). It currently runs on Windows 7 32bit but the processor supports 64bit (I've checked). I've downloaded the Windows 10 x64 (build 10074) .iso file from uptodown.com. I've used PowerISO to boot it...
  2. M

    Question MSI GTX1050TI Strange HD Audio Problem

    Hi chaps, Running Windows 10 64-bit here on a Dell Optiplex 790 PC. I have just installed a second-hand MSI GTX 1050TI. I use an old TV connected to the graphics card via the Display Port connector. When I am using a media player, MAME or a web site such as YouTube there is no sound coming...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] windows update doesn't work !! windows 7

    so I had a laptop with windows 10 insalled I decided to downgrade to windows 7 I updated the drivers and everything but now the windows update function doesn't work it it shows error code 80072EFE I ignored this problem and kept using windows 7 but many problems occured such as apps not working...
  4. Nori-Gin

    [SOLVED] Extremely low frame rates when running 32 bit games.

    So I have been trying to play Saints Row 3 on my WIN 10 computer. Specs : Intel I7-8750H Nvidia GTX 1070 16 gb RAM Whenever I open Saints Row from steam Im asked to choose Direct X 10 or 11 or Direct X 9. Of course I ve tried both but have the exact same result. My frame rates cap at 4 FPS...
  5. yullbarez

    Question PC Turns Off It's Own

    Hi recently my PC turns off it's own. PC turns off like Windows "Shutting Down" so it's not shutting down suddenly. I think it's doesn't source from Windows itself. Sometimes it's turn off when at booting screen. I've not found which component causing it. Also after it shuts down sometimes it...
  6. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] Can my low spec pc run fifa 19?

    So can my low spec pc run fifa 19? Note! only run, so i mean play career mode no actual gameplay. Pc is = 4gb ddr3 ram , intel core i3-530 2.93 ghz , Gt 330 768MB GDDR3. Windows 7 64bit Yeah i know it's below the minimum requirements but could it atleast handle career mode on settings...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Multiple program that running in task manager but it's only 1 program opened

    As by the title i had a problem with this and i don't know how to fix it, i have tried uninstalled the program that opens alot of task and it's still not working (long story short, my pc accidently get infected with a virus and i did a clean scan using malwarebytes) and here is the pic. (Program...
  8. K

    Question Monitor Won't Turn On

    I have an Acer H236HL monitor that I'm trying to use while I save up for a better one. When I plug it in and press the power button, however, nothing happens. I know the cord is getting power, as the light on the box is on. But the monitor isn't doing anything. I checked Acer's website, and...
  9. R

    Question Help me build out my COD blackout rig please - currently getting dumpy FPS

    Getting slow FPS with my current rig, i5 4670K at stock speeds 16GB DDR3 ram GTX 1070 8GB 256GB Samsung SSD 2K 144HZ Gsync monitor Looking into Ryzen platform. I just want to be able to run blackout at above 120FPS stable at 2K 144HZ Current rig dips to 55FPS in certain situations. Highest...
  10. A

    I buy a new ram for my pc but my keyboard is not functioning

    I want to install my new ram I turned off my PC, took out the power cable, opened the PC, loosened the 2GB of ram, took them out, put in the new 4GB ram, tightened it, put on my PC, plugged it in... And my monitors turned on, yet it shows my processor unganged mode it detect my HDD but the cmos...
  11. J

    Fan Splitter not working properly.

    I recently got a tuf b450m-plus gaming motherboard but when I connect the fan splitter only one of my case fans work. I tested the fan header with only one fan and it worked fine. Is it because I have the fans set to max instead of low? I will test the fan splitter on low but does anyone else...
  12. T

    How to update BIOS

    So I bought Asus K8V SE Deluxe and while I bought it, I asked seller to update BIOS. When board arrived, it had semi-functional BIOS. It often says that something is malfunctioning or that there is CPU fan error. I checked what kind of BIOS version was there and there is one, which isn't listed...
  13. D

    Can I run crysis 2 on windows 10 64bit os? I have the recommended system requirements

    Can I run crysis 2 on windows 10 64bit os? I have the recommended system requirements Please answer.
  14. F

    why i have high ping in games even if i have 12mpbs upload 8mpbs download and 55ms

    lag is only only on my pc and only on wireless, ping jumps around 70-300 in games
  15. P

    Update through iso

    Can I update Windows 10 1709 to win 10 1803 through iso file by keeping my personal files and apps. But without resetting it.
  16. G

    Z370 Tomahawk PCIe

    Hi guys and girls, I recently built a gaming pc and I have a problem with the motherboard, it doesn't seem to detect any of the PCIe connections. I have tried all the ports, and cards from my older machines but still nothing. I have tried installing various drivers, and a clean install of...
  17. R

    How to Upgrade

    I have an older alienware laptop (M17 not the M17X) and want to start upgrading it (more financially reasonable than spending $5000 - $6000 on a new one). My question is this, can I upgrade individual components and if so which parts can be upgraded and what parts cant be?
  18. P

    Mouse with high-resistance firm buttons?

    Does anyone sell a mouse with buttons that require a heavier push than usual? My mouse is an ordinary 3-button with a scroll-wheel middle button. When I rest my hand on the mouse, the buttons depress too easily. A gamer mouse is probably the opposite of what I need, since gamers require quick...
  19. msmyla2

    Switching from Mac - first gaming build - any good? (i5-8400/8600K, GTX 1060/1070)

    Hello, after years of using a Mac, I’m building my first gaming PC! I’m both happy and stressed at the same time! I’ve done lots of research, I’ve read tens of threads on the topic, but I’d still love your feedback - just to make sure I’m not doing any stupid mistakes. This is going to be...
  20. J

    Asus vg245he what hdmi?

    Hello i was wondering what hdmi the asus vg245he is supporting (1.4 or 2.0)
  21. N

    Benefit With A PC vs Console?

    My budget recently got pretty tight due to a house fire, and over these last few weeks of no gaming I've been debating whether I should really build a PC or not. I understand that it is cheaper than a console in the long run and will hold up longer, but to what extent is it true? I've read in...
  22. L

    FIDO: Multi-Factor Authentication Should Be Included In NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework

    FIDO suggested that the new version of NIST's “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” should explicitly recommend that multi-factor authentication is adopted for stronger security. FIDO: Multi-Factor Authentication Should Be Included In NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework ...
  23. W

    Computer randomly quit posting / booting

    Hello, I am posting this for a friend as his PC is not working right now. He recently completed a new build 3 days ago. Yesterday a windows cumulative update came through a shutdown his PC. Instead of rebooting to finish the updating process, The computer stayed shut off for about 30~ minutes...
  24. A

    Opinion about upgrading pc for best gaming experience

    Hello guys, I've recently bought a pc HP pavilion p6720de with this specs.. HP Pavilion p6720de i5-2500 QuadCore 3,3 GHz, 6GB Ram, 1 TB Festplatte, VGA Sapphire Radeon 6570 passiv, (1GB, DVI, VGA, HDMI), interner Kartenleser, DVD Brenner... So..if you guys have some advice on how to upgrade...
  25. L

    which fan speed is best

    so i have 2 choices to have fan speed at 20% when its under 60celcius and then it goes up to 40% and the other is so the fan is at 0% when the gpu is under 60 celcius and then goes to 40% so which of theese are better
  26. A

    Old PSU or new?

    I bought a new PC on black Friday that comes with a Cougar 600SL PSU. I don't know much about Cougar but a search on google seems to show a mixed reputation. My question is should I use my old PSU from the computer I'm replacing, a 5 year old Corsair 850w? Wattage is estimated at about 400w
  27. R

    Using bad sector hdd as second disk space on pc

    so i have many bad sector on this 500gb hdd, and now i want to buy new hdd which is 1 tb hdd for my primary space, the question is, if i use this 500gb hdd as my second disk space will my 1 tb hdd get bad sector from my 500 gb hdd? sorry for the stupid question
  28. B

    How to test the hardware

    I went to the computer shop for testing my PC (because it had smell) and after few days of test the man reported to me that he tested every of my components seriously -- Mobo, PSU, RAM etc... All tested and he reported to me that the PSU, mobo as well as the hard drives are aging and going to...
  29. A

    Is my motherboard not working? Or is it my PSU? Please help!

    My problem began when I realized that the CPU cooler that came with my motherboard was inadequate at keeping my CPU from overheating. To remedy this, I purchased a liquid cooler that did exactly what I needed it to, keep the CPU cool while I use my computer. However, I noticed that...
  30. G

    Mother Board fan plugins

    Hello Today I updated my BIOS and noticed my cpu temp going through the roof. I restarted and went into bios. Notice my cpu1 and cpu2 fan speed was zero and my system fan 1 was going. I just have the normal stock cpu fan that came with the i5 6500. I notice that the cpu fan is plugged into...
  31. L

    2x 16gb SODIMM DDR3 for Clevo W110ER? Is it possible?

    Hello I'd like to upgrade RAM in my laptop to 32gb however it's pretty hard to find DDR3 (not DDR3L) 16gb modules. My laptop (Clevo W110ER) has only 2 slots but I see that CPU i7-3632qm should support up to 32gb. I'm a bit confused - is it possible to have those 32gb with only 2 modules? Or is...
  32. anahuljangra

    Need Upgrade Advise

    Hey I am currently using Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 with a MSI GTX 560 and 8Gb DDR3 Ram. I recently noticed that my cpu was bottlenecking my gpu in some games like BF1 Beta, Dirty Bomb as my gpu usage never went past 21% .So i was thinking of an upgrade. So i wanted to know that is Intel Xeon X5460...
  33. M

    i5-4690K + gtx 950 OR I3 6100 + RX 480

    Which combo would be better for 1080p gaming? Also, what fps would I expect from both builds. Thank you.
  34. GAMER_1

    How to remove cpu pins?

    I know what your thinking. "Why the hell would i want to REMOVE CPU pins?". I'm doing a project with a old Intel CPU. I want to make a belt buckle. Don't ask, i'm just really nerdy. That's all. The CPU's pins are in the way of this old CPU socket (For some reason off the motherboard but i...
  35. H

    RAMPAGE V EDITION 10 motherboard ram

    According to the ASUS QVL, i cant see the 3200mhz ram supported by this board, i am using i7 6850K. So wt is the ram suggested?
  36. A

    BSoD Randomly during gaming.

    My rig is BSoD when playing games randomly. I honestly think I just have a bad board but would like some feed back. Here's the error I get, and my specs for my rig. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information...
  37. P

    what mobo should i use?

    mobos under 130-140 dollars for i7 6700k and a single gtx 1070
  38. aakarshan

    d Cannot access old laptop hard drive/files through external hard drive enclosure/hookup

    My old windows (HP) laptop stopped working, so I have removed the hard drive and set it up with a hard drive case with USB attachment. From what I can tell, the hard drive is correctly installed in the case. However, when I hook it up to my newer PC Windows, I can not use the hard drive with My...
  39. G

    What is 6-Pin/8-Pin PCI-Express Connector?

    Hi. I got This PSU THERMALTAKE TT-500NL2NK-A (https://www.clubelectronic.ca/en/power-supply/432-thermaltake-tt-500nl2nk-a-500w-power-supply.html). It says that it have 1x 6 pin connector and 1x6 pin/8 pin connector. But the psu have no 8 pin connector or 6+2 pin connector. So what does 6 pin/...
  40. A

    Asrock H97M aniversary BIOS backup

    I'm starting a build with an Asrock H97M anniversary motherboard. I'm going to update the BIOS before I install Win 10. Will the system automatically back up the previous BIOS version, or do I have to do a manual BIOS backup? Thank You.