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  1. alexadiyasa

    Question msi gtx 970 tiger edition restarts my pc when gaming

    so recently I switched out my gtx 1050ti to an msi gtx 970 tiger edition, the 1050ti worked greatly, no crashes or problems happened, but it can't keep up with current titles so I switched it for a gtx 970. when gaming my pc kept on restarting on its own. while in the middle of a game, the...
  2. Q

    [SOLVED] Power Supply? PSU vs GPU System Crashing Issue.

    I am having an issue with my pc, looking for recommendations. I originally purchased an "IBUYPOWER" pc from best buy about a year ago, i7 8700k / rtx 2080 gigabyte edition (aorus) / power supply 650 bronze 80 gigabyte I believe it is. the computer has run great for a long period of time then it...
  3. U

    Question Pc restart's while gaming during power outage

    Please read the whole post to understand the problem My UPS is powerguard 1200va UPS, they're saying it's 720watt I have corsair cx650W PSU (Today bought this PSU cause older one was causing problem,the current problem , Also it was causing pc to restart while gaming) running rx590 with it...
  4. Myist

    [SOLVED] What card better to buy for my old man i7-3820?

    I've been running this old horse for long as i can remember - 7 years straight. Decided to upgrade my video card as everybody's saying that my CPU is still kicking well. Right now im running GTX 650 Ti (650w TPS) and its time has passed couple of years ago already. So i've wanted to ask some...
  5. S

    processor not capable

    okay i have a custom tower that i installed windows 7 home on i wanted to upgrade it to windows 8 but when i tried it told me the processor wasnt capable to have windows 8 i need help to figure out what is going on. I dont know how to update the bios or anything