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  1. Y

    [SOLVED] I think I broke my motherboard by over tightening a CPU cooler, can you confirm?

    So I was building a spare old-gen PC, it has a 4690k & 650Ti on a h81m-s2pv motherboard just for workstation and mild gaming. I bought an aftermarket cooler which is the Cryorig M9 plus and saw that it's compatible with the LGA1150 socket. So, I decided to mount it but saw that the screw-ins...
  2. ramavz7

    Question Does GTX 650 Ti requires True Rated Power Supply?

    I have been using generic power supply (750W) with dual molex to 6pin for my graphic card (650ti) But sometimes..whenever i play games. It shutdowns and restart unexpectedly.. Some of my friends told me to buy another power supply because my graphic card(650ti) runs using 100 Wattage power...
  3. B

    black screen hard disk or something else?

    Hello guys, pls help.Through last month I had my computer deleting corrupted files from hard disk 2 -3 times. Yesterday I couldnt start my pc(when it started it would go to windows loading logo, froze, then blue screen and then restart) So I started startup repair which last for 2-3 hours...
  4. B

    best graphics card for my motherboard/CPU

    I am thinking of upgrading my graphics card later this year, I built my computer in Jan 2012: MB MSI|P67A-C43 (B3) P67 LGA1155 R VGA SAPPHIRE|100315L HD6850 R PSU ANTEC|650W EA-650 GREEN RT CPU INTEL|CORE I5 2500K 3.3G 6M R 12GB RAM What is the best card I can buy that will be compatible...
  5. M

    Anyone else experiencing hard lockups on Windows 10 lately?

    Not sure if this issue is being caused by my hardware because uve seen others reporting the exact same issue, but i can just be browsing reddit or anything on my PC and at random times it will hard lock and i have to manually reset the PC. once restarted i went in and checked my temps...
  6. D

    Cannot connect to internet: (missing drivers) WIndows 10

    Hi there, I have recently been restoring my old Windows 7 laptop that crashed a few years ago and has been sitting around uselessly. By "restore", I mean my old hard drive had to be completely erased and the laptop itself was booted from a usb drive (.iso file) with new O.S on it. **FYI the...
  7. P

    PC shuts down with minimal GPU usage

    Hello, As soon as my GPU starts to run under some small pressure my PC shuts down without making any sign. (my GPU reaches around 66 celsius max before it dies) To test that i used a program called "FurMark". I can stresstest my CPU as much as i want and my PC wont die, so its pretty clear it...
  8. Gallarian

    Triple Monitor Set Up

    Hey guys, Im in the market for a triple monitor set up. I've already go my stand and bracket which is able to mount 3 monitors between 24" and 30", so I was hoping to get some help/guidance on what monitors I should get. PC Specs: - CPU: i5 6600k @4.5ghz - RAM: 8GB DDR4 2666hz - GPU: MSI GTX...
  9. P

    Why do gaming motherboards have A/V ports?

    I've noticed that high end gaming motherboards have A/V ports on them, just like regular motherboards. I always assumed that these ports were for integrated graphics output only, and would be rendered useless as soon as the user puts in a dedicated GPU and uses the outputs on the card instead...
  10. M

    G-sync doesnt work properly anymore.

    So i dont really know what has happened, as this seems really bizarre. G-sync doesnt work as properly intended anymore, i get the lack of screen tearing, but if my framerate isnt a variable of the max refresh rate i get judder from the framerate not being in-sync, which is one of the benefits...
  11. L

    Pc VERY slow

    All of a sudden about a week ago, i started to notice a change in my pc's performance. It takes much longer to boot up. When i scroll down a page its all jumpy and laggy, same with typing. When i open and close a window instead of dissapearing i can see it fading out. However it seems to be...
  12. I

    Brand new EVGA GTX 750 ti FTW ACX does not output video, but fans spin.

    Recently bought a brand new EVGA 750ti FTW ACX. It's not outputting anything, but the fans spin. Additionally, the computer functions normally other than not being able to detect the graphics card, although the intel internet doesnt work. SPECS---- ASRock Z97 Anniversary Edtion PART NO...
  13. Lumia925

    Strange battery problem on brand new laptop

    Hii, I got this laptop just yesterday, and i have a weird problem. Configuration of laptop: CPU: Intel Core i7 5500U @ 2.4GHz (Turbo 3.0 GHz). GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M (4GB dedicated). RAM: 8GB DDR3L. HDD: 1 TB Toshiba. OS: Windows 8.1 (Single language/ x64). Battery: 4 Cell Li-ion...
  14. T

    New ASUS A455LN run so slow and super lag even with browser

    I just bought my ASUS A455L like 2 months ago and I just realized it become super slow and lag. at first it did not show any problem (lag or slow), it run so well. I had it reboot like twice, but I'm not actually get through the menu. SO I just press the reboot key without getting on the menu...
  15. S

    Are these "normal" temps for an i7 4970k?

    Hello, guys; This is are my specs: CPU:Intel Core i7-4790K MOBO:Gigabyte ga-z97x Gaming 5 GPU:GTX 980 (Gaming versions MSI or Gigabyte, any would be cool I guess) Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler RAM: Kingston HyperX Savage 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 1866MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM XMP HDD: WD Caviar...
  16. N

    Feedback for new gaming PC build

    Hello, Would like to get some thoughts/feedback on a new pc that I'm building. It will be used mostly for gaming. I will be reusing a couple of parts from my previous i7 930 build such as the monitor, keyboard etc. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2pGcVn Already own: Monitor: ASUS VG248QE Keyboard...
  17. E

    mouse less no keyboard access

    no mouse or keyboard input. can not access bios. monitor at language screen. help p4m900t-m mobo
  18. R

    I Disabled the Administrators in my Computer, How can i get it back witout any Administrator account?

    I Disabled the Administrators in my Computer, How can i get it back witout any Administrator account? Please Help me. =(
  19. jemf7sk

    School me on new needed system

    I haven't built a system since the early 2000s. I used to build and upgrade systems all the time in the late 90s. A lot has changed since then. I got an system admin job and mainly focused on prebuilt servers. I am going to build a new system that will triple as a MCSE/CCNA/VM study computer...
  20. vesparion

    Guys please help me building my first budget gaming pc :)

    Hi everyone, i want to build my first budget gaming pc and this is for the first time so i don't really understand about the components. so my plan is i want build powerful pc at this class with a budget around $400-$600 for the rest of the components without the VGA because i already have MSI...