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  1. D

    Question How do I speed up my ddr5 RAM

    Motherboard-6600 RAM-6400(3200) Bios says-4400 DRAM Freq-1794.8 +- Why are there so many conflicting numbers? Do I have to add voltage to the ram to get faster speeds? I tried overclocking. There is a "profile" for lack of a better term. XMP or something that says 6000 something but when I...
  2. Question Stock BIOS needed for ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Challenger D 8GB OC ?

    Hello everyone, I've bought this card second hand and noticed some artifacts and glitching with it. I tried flashing the card with this particular BIOS, but I noticed that it was already flashed with that one. Could anyone provide a stock BIOS dump of the ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Challenger D...
  3. M

    Question Coolermaster RealPower 620W and new GPU

    I still use the Coolermaster Real Power 620W PSU, since 2010. No problems at all up to now. The last five years it worked fine with an RX480. I just ordered a new RX6600, the rest of the system will remain the same (B360 mobo, i5 8400, a few SATA disks, an SSD, 16GB DDR4). Is it a good idea to...
  4. rxk17

    Question How do I set up RX 6600 for OC?

    Current Specs: RX 6600, Ryzen 7 5800X, RM 750x Gold 80+, Silicon Power 32GB (16x2) RAM Problem: I've overclocked my CPU to the Cinebench max standard, but when trying to overclock my GPU or VRAM my system restarts, presumably from an unstable overclock. I can't figure out why it's unstable? I...
  5. Question Computer wont give me a signal at all after turning on and lighting up

    so I recently built my first computer and it lights up and powers on and fans spin when turned on, even the keyboard and mouse lights but when I plug my hdmi cable into the gpu it gives no signal, ive been trying to get into the bios for around two hours but I cant get past this no signal error...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] 3050 vs 6600 compatible with PC?

    So i'm looking to get a RTX 3050 or a AMD 6600. I currently have a B450 Tomahawk Max mobo, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, 16gb RAM, and a 750W power supply. Which would perform better? Or what would have better improvements from a RTX 1080?
  7. J

    [SOLVED] AMD Radeon 6600, Win7sp1

    So, I'm a dork but I've been out of the HW scene for a while, I didn't even know AMD made graphics cards. I recently bought a 6600 and set it up in a Win7 server, I did get it working but after an update or something it started giving me a weird error "Failed to create OpenGL context for format...
  8. S

    Server will not read HDD

    We have a Dell Poweredge T610 here that we are trying to turn into a backup box as it has 8 drive bays on the front. We have tried inserting multiple drives into the front bays, but neither the BIOS or RAID manager will see these drives.
  9. D

    Access to web server behind a bridge and a router

    Dear Community, I have a web server running on Mac OS X. The Mac is connected to a TP-LINK (Model AC 1200 Dual Band) which forms the local network. This router is further connected to ZyXEL (model VMG1312-BMD) which acts a bridge to the VDSL. So, the setup is: ISP>ZyXEL (bridge setup)>...
  10. C

    New custom PC wont work

    I finished building my custom pc and I tried using it but the monitor wasn't working. I hooked it to a TV and everything worked fine, I downloaded windows 10 pro on it and connected it back to my monitor that only has a VGA port and it still didn't work. I checked the monitor on my old pc and...
  11. T

    Snapchat for WindowsPhone 8.1?

    Hey guys, So i've recently bought a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, which runs on Windows 8.1 Mobile. The problem is i cant get snapchat on it so i need to carry my iphone around aswell which is kind of anoying. Does anyone know how to get like some third party version of snapchat on windowsphone? I've...
  12. davecar21

    Can I Ultra High Assassins Creed Syndicate?

    specs. i5-4460 h97-pro gamer 8gb ram asus vx239h gtx 1060 3gb I would like to know if it is safe to play AC syndicate using my specs on ultra high or shoud I play it on very high .. would it stress out my rig .. TIA..
  13. RPG WOLF

    Buy the GTX 1080 or wait for VEGA?

    Should I wait for the VEGA or buy the 1080? Heard that the VEGA will have the same performance but will be cheaper.
  14. R

    Application Audio Issues (Windows 10 Home)

    Help! This is getting really annoying, I'm listening to Pandora and sometimes Napster on my PC and whenever I go to play something like a game the audio either dims to where I can't hear it, or it just mutes itself. I've tried everything that I've seen from my research on it such as making the...
  15. M

    Using two different network adapters simultaneously.

    I'm playing online games with a steady 13Mb/s download ~ (1.3MB/s) and 0.8Mb/s upload. In short my ISP connection is very weak. I've already checked the forum for existing solutions but I couldn't find a clear answer. Currently I'm running a 20GB per month 4G plan with my phone network on a...
  16. S

    Is this a good $1400 build?

    http://pcpartpicker.com/list/cmTPVY Anything I should change and/or be wary of? Thank you in advance for all the advice :)
  17. H

    Newly built computer not coming on

    I just built a pc and was turning on for the first time and nothing happened. No fans and no lights. Shouldn't the power supply fan run all the time? Evga 500w power supply. The lights on my video card didn't light up. No case fans, nothing. How do I know if it's the board? FX 6300-black,msi...