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  1. noeljm

    Question i7 6700k - High Temp issue

    I have a gaming build which is close to four years old now (built it in 2016). Specs: CPU - Intel i7 6700k @ 4GHz. Turbo upto 4.2 GHz (no overclocking) GPU - Zotac GTX 970 (no overclocking) CPU Cooler - H100i GTX Motherboard - Asus E3 Pro Gaming v5 BIOS version - 2606 Case - Corsair C70...
  2. taimur_111

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte z170n gaming 5 itx OverClocking help

    I have z170 system that I want to Overclock. My 6700k is still running solid. I was thinking to upgrade to 9700K or Ryzen 3800x. But the increase in gaming performance is minimal so I thought to stick with my current setup for another year. I am absolutely a noob in overclocking. I use...
  3. T

    Question 6th gen i7 6700k in a z370 LGA1151 socket....does it cause damage?

    I recently built a semi-new PC, re-using my old CPU (I didn't research properly) PSU, SSD HD and DDR4 RAM. Upon rebuilding with new Z370 motherboard, it wouldn't boot up...eventually realised the 6700k was incompatible. I bought a temporary basic CPU with an Intel Pentium Gold G5400, which i...
  4. MatthewTaylor1995

    Question Really High CPU Temps when under any load

    Hello all, Sorry I'm new to this... I was wondering if anyone can help me? So basically I have an issue with really high CPU temps, e.g. if I load a game or application. The temps I am seeing are the following - I'm using "core temp" to monitor the temps Idle in bios - 35/37degrees Idle in...
  5. G

    Question Random crashes in game

    Specs: OS: Win 10 64bit Mobo: MSI Z170A Krait Gaming CPU: i7 6700k GPU: 980ti Hybrid PSU: 700W be quiet! Power 10 CM 80+ Gold RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3000 (2x8GB) I couldnt find this Problem in the way i have it after hours of googleing so i try to explain it as much detailed as i can...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] Question regarding 6700K Voltage and temp

    Hi everybody. Question about voltage and tempratures on my i7 6700K. Help would be very appreciated. Here is the TL;DR for people who don't want to read the entire post: Question 1) Why does every program in Windows show a different temprature, and why does it fluctuate like this? Question 2)...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] CS:GO - Average 270fps on FPS Benchmark w/ 6700k, 16GB and 2070 SUPER.

    Okay so, I've been trying to fix this for the last 3 hours, but for some reason, my PC won't go over 270 FPS in the FPS Benchmark map. I see friends with similar specs (newer CPU but worse GPUs, mine is pretty new) getting an average of 500-600. I tried a couple of things other than...
  8. TheeAngel

    [SOLVED] New build options

    Hello, I am currently thinking about completely overhauling my system, but wanted to get the input of other's before I do so. To start, I have built many gaming rigs myself and know the market very well, but having the input of others I believe is valuable in itself. I am wanting to overhaul my...
  9. zantaff

    Question Z170-A giving high Vcore values on a 6700K

    I'm overclocking my i7 6700k on a Z170-A mobo. I was using the mobo's "EZ Tuning" feature to get a benchmark for how much I can overclock my CPU on this board before manually setting it. It has essentially 3 different tuning settings and each seemed to give me higher than normal Vcore values...
  10. P

    Question Ram sticks work separately but not together?

    Hi, first of all, sorry for my English its not my native language. Yesterday I tried to build new pc, i7 6700k, z270 tuf mark 1 motherboard, Corsair 16 gb 8x2 3200Mhz PSU Corsair AX860 Cpu cooler Masterliquid GPU 980ti So, I put everything together, but there was no signal on my monitor...
  11. C

    Question Does 6700k bottleneck 2080super in 2k?

    I'm running 6700k with 2080super gaming oc for gaming in 2k monitor 144hz. Does my Processor bottle neck my GPU in games which usages extensive processor?
  12. C

    Question 6700k sudden hiccup when running NFS HEAT at 2k

    My system config is ----------------------------- 6700k 2080super gaming oc 16gb ram aorus Ad27qd(2k monitor) intel600p for boot drive trancend ssd 1tb for game drive. -------------------------------------------- When I play nfs heat, i found sudden hiccup in game in some places. But after...
  13. K

    Question 2.04v recorded on vcore in BIOS Msi z170-a SLI Plus

    CPU: i7 6700k Motherboard: Msi z170s SLi plus Ram: 16gb g-skill aegis 3000mhz SSD/HDD: 128gb adata ssd, 1.5tb toshiba HDD GPU: Gtx 1070 PSU: Corsair cx 500 Chassis: Bitfenix Comrade OS: Windows 10 pro I had this issue with my 6600k as well. Cpu-z is recording the correct voltage but the board...
  14. SSA90

    Question Could 3200mhz ram paired with a stock 6700k crash a game? (destiny 2)

    Full specs: CPU: 6700k stock clocks Motherboard: Asus Formula VIII Ram: Team Dark Pro 8x2 3200mhz CL4 SSD/HDD: Team Dark 480gb GPU: 1080ti EVGA Hybrid PSU: Cooler Master 750w gold Chassis: Cooler Master Master Case Maker 5 OS: Windows 10 1909 recent games that run without issues with this...
  15. I

    Question Asus AI suite III empty menu

    I'm not sure when, but today when I open the program, all it is showing is the ez update and the version menu, nothing else... View: https://imgur.com/a/eSYcb9G Anyone encounter this problem? and is it normal for it not to show in my task bar?
  16. Michael.Brown2779

    Question ASUS PRIME Z270-A no display

    First time boot, all fans spin, motherboard RGB lights all come on, motherboard power light is on solid green. No POST beeps (but if I fully remove all RAM, I get beeps telling me theres no RAM). Red CPU light flashes and then goes off, Yellow RAM light flashes, stays on for about a second and...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] Does my CPU "bottleneck" my GPU?

    I'm using an Intel Core i7 6700k at 4.3Ghz and a RTX 2080 TI. In some games my CPU usage is around 90 - 100% while my GPU doesn't get hit really. (Battlefield V: CPU 90 - 95% usage, GPU: around 50% usage) Is something wrong with my PC, is my CPU bottlenecking or is it just Battlefield V which...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] 6700k cooling OK?

    I have a 6700k(no OC) with a CoolerMaster Hyper 103 cooler. Im getting a new case and stuff and was wondering if i should get new cooler or is there any better cooler option for around $50 max that does a signiificantly better job?(as in more than 2-3C) CPU temps are around 70-75C during more...
  19. Abu Azme

    [SOLVED] My PC freeze if left idle or low usage

    Hello everyone i have this weird problem My PC keep freeze if left idle or low usage like browsing , but if im playing a game or some heavy load it keep run fine for many hours ! as im typing this thread i have PUBG running in the backgrounds LOL i tried to: formatted new win 10 new with...
  20. C

    Question I7 6700k performance problems

    So I just got my I7 6700k today and I immediately started overclocking. I was able to get up to 4.7 on Cinebench r15 with a score of 850. After that I kept going up was stable till 4.9 when it blew screened. That’s when all the problems started, now no matter what I do I only get a score of...