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  1. K

    Question MSI GPU thermal interface quality

    I bought a 6800 XT Gaming Z Trio, has a beefy cooler on it. However, the junction temperature often reads quite high despite this, and the card peaks at 105c when it's really working (stock fan settings -- not using them anymore lmao) I'm just wondering if it's worth the effort of...
  2. W

    Question AMD Radeon 6800xt Green Screen No Text after driver install

    Hey Guys, My problem is a bit weird so here goes. (See system specs and TLDR at bottom of post) My computer started crashing with a green screen no text once every 24 hours or so on average. It generally happened while I was AFK or the pc was idling. The temperatures on my 6800xt never went...
  3. Milkbox

    [SOLVED] Should I upgrade from the 2070 Super to the RX 6800 XT?

    Do you think upgrading from the 2070 super to an RX 6800 XT is worth it based off what we've seen/heard?