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    Question Micro stuttering with 6800XT Red Devil and 3600XT

    Hello there, I have been dealing with this for several days. Last week I bought a Red Devil 6800XT and so far it has good temps, it behaves good, etc... but I'm having micro stuttering in certain games and I don´t know how to solve it. I have been searching and found so many posts of people with...
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    Question After pc idle for over 30 min the screen flashes Green then video turns off until restart

    So I have something really weird happening with my pc. Whenever I leave my pc idle for an extended period of time. (over 30min) The video output from my 6800xt will turn off. No matter what i do it won't turn back on until i restart. It never happens if im using the computer activly. only if...
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    Question 3600 + 6800 XT cause FPS drop ?

    Hello everyone, I am a RX 6800 XT Sapphire Nitro+ user. So I RX 6800 XT to replace my 5700 XT. CPU is a 3600. I have run DDU in safe mode, even reinstall the window. Framerates are not performing well. I found that a youtube channel, Hardware Unboxed, had around 100 fps when they are using 6800...