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  1. E

    Question Stuttering with AMD rx6800

    Hi, I'm playing Warzone and it is very stuttery. Frames drop all the time and sit around 50fps in both in game and menu. I just go this AMD rx6800 and I thought I was going to get really good performance. I have an i5 8400 but I don't think it should be a huge bottleneck. Even my old rx580 had...
  2. M

    Question Black screen in game: have to cut the power off

    Troubleshooting: My computer crash when I play but never during benchmarks. The problem occurs randomly: sometimes on the main menu, sometimes after 1 minute of play, sometimes after 3 hours of play, ... I got a black screen and the fans are running at full power until I turn off the power...
  3. D

    Question 3070 or the 6800

    hi im looking at getting one of the next gen cards is the 6800 worth the extra £100 or should i go for the rtx 3070? ill mainly be playing open world games and AAA titles my cpu is a 2600x so i shouldnt have a bottleneck and my psu is a corsair 1.2kw (yes you can ask why)
  4. RagedAPE

    Question 6800 VS 3070 ROG STRIX

    Good afternoon, I have on pre order a 3070 rog strix to go with a 5800x I would like to see your thoughts on if I should change it to a 6800 The 6800 is cheaper and better at frames in games by about 20fps but it performs bad in raytracing compared to 3070 and has no dlss version just yet...
  5. alceryes

    Discussion AMD RX 6000 series GPU and Smart Access Memory - AMD's secret sauce?

    When the new AMD RX 6000 series cards were revealed a couple techies and gaming enthusiasts were scratching their heads a bit. Putting a full 16GBs of VRAM in even the lowest tier card is a benefit to the end user, no doubt, but it did seem like a lot to some. I think it may have to do with...
  6. S

    Question Canon printer errors B200 to 5600...any solutions?

    So I have a Canon MP560 Printer/Scanner. I purchased a package of new Canon inks and once I swapped them out I got the B200 error. I played with this forever (including cleaning the printer head and even getting a new one). I found this thread here and was really excited because after following...
  7. M

    occasional laptop for developer

    I do most my work on a full size desktop but occasionally I'm travelling or on holiday and wanted a laptop I could work with. My last laptop was an Acer chromebook converted to Linux with 64GB and the 2955U processor. In all honesty it was powerful enough for compiling etc though the 2GB RAM was...
  8. S

    which gpu is best for there prices !!??

    which gpu is best for there prices !!?? http://www.flipkart.com/sapphire-amd-ati-hd-7750-1-gb-gddr5-graphics-card/p/itmd7th7wdspnbrh?pid=GRCD7TGZBJSTR5YD&otracker=search&pageNum=1...