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  1. M

    Question 6800k vs Golden 7600k for 1080P gaming?

    Hey all, I currently have an X99 system with a 6800K running at 4.2GHz, but all I do is game. I only switched to the X99 because I got a good deal and couldn't resist. I have since come across a golden 7600K, which I delidded and it is doing 5.3GHz with a Coolermaster Hyper T4 Air Cooler and...
  2. T

    Question What memory would be best for i7-6800k?

    CPU: i7-6800k Mobo: ASUS x99 Deluxe II GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 Old Ram: 32GB G. Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3200MHz So my question is as follows: What is the best ram for my setup. I recently had 3 sticks of this ram die and when contacting the motherboard manufacture they said that the ram is not...
  3. Tanyac

    Question 9600K replacement for 6800K

    My son is a gamer and also designs games using the unreal engine. He does some Photoshop work and after affects stuff and uses the Red Giant Trap code suite. Some video encoding, streaming of games he's playing, watching movies and browsing. He also still uses Adobe flash. His I7-6800K CPU is 6...
  4. SakeBrewer

    RAM - Laptop motherboard compatibility question

    Greetings, I need to upgrade a lenovo legion y520 laptop with new RAM. Here are the specs of both: Legion specs: CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ GPU: G.F. Gtx 1060 max-q 6gb ver. old RAM: 8gb single channel RAMAXEL. I don't know how to check for the platform model (Is it the 15ikbn or the other...
  5. O

    Will my build run??

    I've done a build with the added help from others from this site and I was wondering if it will run also my budget doesn't necessarily matter as I have a while to save for my build. I also know that there has been issues with the 2080's/ti's but I have been told to not worry about it as they...
  6. becominq

    1070 or Vega 56?

    Hello everyone! I currently have a 144hz freesync monitor and was looking to upgrade my GPU. My current build is: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/c3MB4q (I realize it is overkill for the CPU and GPU I have in there now but I intended to future proof it) I will be upgrading to a Ryzen 5 2600 to...
  7. E

    XFX RX580 8GB VR flicker

    Hi, I just got a new machine for VR with x1800 and rx580. with msi 7a33 mother board 16 GB 2400 ddr4 I installed everything games seems to works fine on my ultra wide 2540 x 1080 i get on ultra setting vulkan 110 fps on DOOM and average of 50-70 on pubg on ultra i'd say that's a decent...
  8. M

    New Ryzen Build EZ-DEBUG

    I built a new PC last week and the bios on the motherboard wasn’t updated for Ryzen 2, the EZ-DEBUG CPU light came on for 10 seconds and then turned off. All the led’S and fans spin but there is no display. I just got my motherboard updated and everything turns on but there is still no display...
  9. Z

    Bios won't boot from dvd drive

    PSU: Fatality 550w GPU: MSI TWIN FROZR N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC MB: MSI MS - 7673 VER 2.0 RAM: 2x 8gb G.SKILL DDR3 Just got a new hard drive and I'm trying to install Windows 10 via a dvd. However I can't get the bios to boot from the dvd. Ive made it first priority to boot from then CD/DVD drive...
  10. B

    Should I add more RAM to my rig?

    I have a very humble rig. Intel i3 6100, Nvidea GTX 750 TI, and 4 gb RAM. I plan to buy a new 120 GB SSD on top of the 500 GB HDD and install Windows 10 plus one or two of my most played games in the SSD. Everything else will be placed in the HDD. My question is: Will upgrading my RAM to 8 GB...
  11. G

    Equifax: Hackers Also Compromised Driver's Licenses, Passports

    Equifax told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the data breach it revealed in 2017 compromised more data than previously thought. Equifax: Hackers Also Compromised Driver's Licenses, Passports : Read more
  12. T

    Toshiba Satellite motherboard replacement

    Hello, I have to replace motherboard (part No. H000052750) from my Toshiba Satellite L850-1HP laptop. Do I have to replace it with the same motherboard (with same part No.) or I can use some similar/compatible motherboard ? Every information is useful ! :)
  13. K

    Sony Vaio Laptop, fan makes a loud noise then shuts off

    I own a Sony Vaio Laptop and just last year, starting June the laptop started making a loud fan noise then shuts down completely. I believe this laptop is 5 years old, and just last year this problem has occurred. I can still use it and turn it on but only for a short period of time since it...
  14. plast0000

    That SeaGate drive crawls while loading something

    okay then I have this budget laptop with a Seagate drive in it (model of the drive is ST500LT012-1DG142) it can start crawling and suffering whenever it's time to load something and utilization reaches 100%. (I'm on Windows 10 and mostly it's ntoskrnl.exe, Windows defender and COM Surrogate) I...
  15. S

    Is this normal to have almost 10 WAN networks under 'network adapters' in Win10?

    https://imgur.com/a/2kIy5 is this normal? I was trying to browse a fix for another connection issue im having, and when I was going through a solution and arrived at this screen, I saw most other pictures of this screen only having ~3 different adapters showing.
  16. D

    Cpu red light problem

    I turned on my system unit, it showed some of the system specs like ram capacity and shit, then turned off. I tried it again, it loaded to the desktop environment, then tuned of again. And it has been doing this way since. And there is the issue of red light, sometimes blinking but most times...
  17. T

    Can I add 5ghz internet to my old 2.4 ghz b/g router via TP-Link AC 750 router?

    Is there a way to add 5 ghz internet as a seperate ssid on my old 2007 2.4ghz b/g router? And if so can I add it via my tp link ac750 mobile router without the routers conflicting?
  18. A

    GTX 1060 Fan Blade Broken. Case and Table Shakes. Help !!!

    My GPU fan blade broke off and now when playing any intensive game, the whole PC table shakes when that fan spins. It is a 3-fan GTX 1060 6 GB ROG Edition. Now I live in a country where its impossible to RMA the card so I can either superglue the blade onto the fan or I can completely remove the...
  19. B

    Lap top has shut down and whont really start and can't remove the battery

    Doing my course work and laptop shut down whont re start and can't remove the battery
  20. P

    Windows 10 Hotspot bsods

    Hello guy's, I'm trying to share my ethernet connection through a wifi card (tplink archer t6e, a pcie card), using windows 10 hotspot feature, but I always get BSODS while using it. I excluded a hardware issue, as without hotspot the system is stable and everything works. My mobo has two...