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  1. I

    Question 6800xt Gpu usage drops to 0!! (Solved)

    Hello guys I'm new here but I hope you can help me .. I have an strange problem .. I switched from 2060super to xfx merc 6800xt With ryzen 5 3600xt . Before that I had no problem with 2060 super but with this new card in some games (such as horizon zero dawn or marvel avengers ) my gpu usage...
  2. mrb96

    [SOLVED] Help to choose mainboard and ram

    Hi. My friend wants to buy a pc for work and asks me to help her. I chose AMD Ryzen 5600X and Radeon 6800XT (if she can find one of course). But I can't decide about mainboard and ram. She use this pc for rendering with Lumion, 3ds max and maybe Unreal engine in future, but most often works with...
  3. P

    Question 6800xt oversharpening

    I recently bought a 6800xt after using a 1080ti for years. A lot of games appear over sharpened. I'm using the stock Radeon settings of 80% sharpening and any changes I make just seem to make it worse. I'm using a 1920x1080 Dell monitor. The games looked fine on the 1080ti so I'm assuming it's a...