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  1. vikaskumar2299

    Question Is FRC bad for eyes or causes eye strain?

    I am planning to buy a budget IPS monitor. I read some old posts on Reddit and various sites where users were discussing that an FRC based 8 bit panel like 6 bit + FRC may cause eye strain. And they say native/true 8 bit panel would be better than 6 bit + FRC = 8 bit panel. (In terms of eye...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] what are "bits" related to in the monitors?

    hey you all i just wanted to ask what are bits in the monitors exactly?! when i check spec of some, i see for example 8 bits and etc... and by the way i want to buy one of these: S22R350 or F24T350 which one do you prefer?! one of them is 8 bits and the other one is (6 bits + FRC) what's FRC...