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  1. G

    Question Monitor native resolution issue

    I just found out that playing in a res lower than native highly affects graphics ,so when I tried to change it to native ,it didn't show up on win10 settings ,and when I try to I install driver of monitor(dell e1914h)it says monitor connected is "AGO plug and play"and drivers found"e1914h"...
  2. GmanHardware

    [SOLVED] Is the HD 5870 Good for 768p / 720p Gaming?

    Hi. I'm looking to build a rig for $140 and i found this HD 5870 for $35 and wanted to know if it can run games on 720p / 768p. The CPU I'm going to use is either Core 2 Quads or I5 2400. Also the game I'm going to play is RDR2 On medium Anyone with the card/ experience with the card would be...
  3. GmanHardware

    Question Whats a good Radeon HD series GPU for 768/720P Gaming?

    I have a 1366x768 Monitor and want to buy a cheap used graphics cards. GTX 600-700 Series cards are normally pretty expensive here even used probably because of the demand. I would like to know any good 768p graphics cards in the HD series there's this HD 5870 / HD 6770 For $30 and there's HD...
  4. ForgottenTemplar

    Build Advice Thoughts on the build? Which of the mobos?

    Hello. So I am about to build a brand new budget system next week or so (Upgrading from an athlon 64 x2 YUP). Here are the components I am aiming to buy but I need advice: Gigabyte B450M S2H / Gigabyte B450M DS3H / Gigabyte GA-AX370M-Gaming 3 / ASUS Prime B450M-K [Which of these would be best...