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    Question Best budget card for 4K video playback

    HI. I'm building a new PC with a Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb RAM(About AR$ 60.000 - U$D 629,40) but I need a Graphics Card for this . I was wondering witch option shoud I buy considering it will be mostly used for desktop usage (Web, Coding, VMs) with an 1080p monitor and rarely for 4k video playback...
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    EVGA Supernova 550W G3 vs Seasonic 550w Focus Gold

    I was wondering which one is better at the $70 price range the EVGA Supernova G3 or Seasonic Focus 550W (not plus) or if there are better PSUS at this price range please suggest them.
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    Desktop pc making an electrical buzzing sound

    So i let my pc downloading games at the night, when i woke up it was making some buzzing electrical sounds, i do not know if it was because i left it on all night. help please, should i worry about this? is it a thing that could damage my pc?
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    How to use 2 different Internet connections on Windows 10?

    Hello everyone I'm on windows 10 and yes I've heard about ForceBind IP but sadly it doesn't work on Windows 10, at least for me. So I have 2 internet connections, 1 is LAN 50/50mbps and other is iPhone tethered personal hotspot 8/5mbps I want the LAN connection ONLY for livestreaming and I'm...
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    Which one!? Help!

    Okay so I'm buying the GTX 1050 but I'm not sure which one to buy. There is the Gigabyte gtx 1050 and has two fans but there's also the evga gtx 1050 but only has one fan and is smaller. The evga gtx 1050 comes with rocket league but is also $128.88 where as the gigabyte gtx 1050 is $120. WHICH...
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    2 Single stick Rams for Dual Channel Board, is it Possible?

    Hi, I have a Motherboard of "GA-F2A68HM-DS2" and a AMD a8 6600k CPU. I want to buy two 8GB ddr3 Rams. Will it work?
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    asusx551m not turning on

    With old battery,had problems charging,then it wouldn't charge,so bought new battery,again wouldn't charge,both batteries let me sue laptop until they died,now laptop is dead,is the problem the cord or jack,or could it be something else?thanx for any help Gneal
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    Computer running slow, cpu hot

    Hello, So i came upon a problem, i like a month ago bought a 500w psu because i'm upgrading my system, and when i installed it, the first day i started feeling that the computer is slower than it was, also the cpu idle temp is about 40-45C. When listening to music, using like 4 tabs on google...
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    MSI GE62 vs ASUS G551

    which one is better? ****ASUS G551JW Core i7-4720 16GB 1TB+128GB SSD -960 4GB ****MSI GE62 i7-4720 16GB 1TB+128GB SSD-965 2GB