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  1. V

    Question I'm trying to use two different cards in one system and i need some help.

    I just fitted an RX 580 and GTX 750 TI in my pc and all drivers are installed.Im planning to mine with it but second gpu shows 0% gpu utilisation.
  2. I

    Question GPU compatibility

    Hi, did is ASRock G41M-VS3 compatible with GTX 750 ti?
  3. hoopty_handler

    Question Staggered GPU Setup Not Working

    I upgraded my system from an fx8350 CPU paired with an MSI 970 Gaming mobo to a Ryzen 5 3600 and ASRock B450 Steel Legend. This has caused my "staggered" gpu set-up (1050ti & Gt730) to throw a fit, with the 1050ti being the sole graphics provider. I use the 1050ti for the gaming / main monitor...
  4. MatChesix

    [SOLVED] 750 ti on 350 w PSU

    Hello guys! I have a 350w fsp group inc PSU and I was think you get a 750 ti windforce 4GB OC would the PSU be good for it? I have i3 2120, 4x4gb RAM and 2 Hdd I think 5,2k rpm I haven’t checked.
  5. Thebro40

    [SOLVED] Bottlenecking or..?

    In my system i have a i5-6400 and a 750ti 4gb and on some games the cpu will be 100% and the gpu 20-30%.Could this mean that the gpu or the cpu is bottlenecking?
  6. S

    [SOLVED] PC booting and posting, no screen display

    This has been happening for a while now on my old PC, and now that I've transferred over to a new build, it's having the same problem. Basically the CPU fan spins, but the case ones don't, and there's no display on the screen. I've tried swapping out GPUs and still have the same problem. Like i...
  7. U

    Question R3 2200g with 750 Ti

    I'm going for a budget build and was wondering if it could run 1080p or 720p Ryzen 3 2200g 750 Ti 8x2GB DDR4 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance If it can run a 1080p monitor without any lag or high ping, please let me know. If it can run both 720p and 1080p, please tell me which will have better FPS and...
  8. N

    Games lag after upgrading from AMD to Intel?

    I upgraded from an FX 8350/cheap Gigabyte mobo/8gb ddr3 ram/VX550W to an i7 8700/Z370 Aorus Gaming 7/Trident Z 16gb dual channel/RM750X. I kept my old 1060 3gb and I'm running it on 391.35 as the latest ones are causing problems for a lot of users. I have Win 10 64 bit and my cpu is cooled by a...
  9. J

    Lenovo Thinkpad x200 1-3-3-1 beep NO DISPLAY

    I have a lenovo thinkpad x200 laptop and I was trying to replace my hard drive with a new one but as i replaced it, when i boot it up, it beeps in this sequence: 1-pause-3-3-pause-1 and there is no display. I already tried basic troubleshooting including removing battery, powering up using AC...
  10. L

    How Google Improved Android Security In 2017

    Google revealed details about how it improved security for the Android ecosystem in 2017. How Google Improved Android Security In 2017 : Read more
  11. M

    Help. First build

    So I’m building a PC with a ab 350 pro4, I’m using a Ryzen 1600x and a hyper 212 evo. I’ve looked on the website to make sure that all of these items are compatible and they seem to be. But when I go to attach the cpu cooler it’s a very tight fit. Have to put a bit of pressure down to be able to...
  12. D

    extra sata ports

    i have a mobo that has 2 sata ports but it has 2 other empty spot for sata 3 and 4.can i install 2 sata conectors to use these.and have 4 sata connections
  13. R

    Is it possible to use a Logitech subwoofer with a Vizio soundbar?

    I have Logitech z623 2.1 speakers I don't use, and want a soundbar to improve dialogue clarity in movies. The sound bar I'm looking at (Vizio sb3630-e6) seems like a good option, but it doesn't have a sub. I could shell out more money to get a compatible sub, but I figured I'd see if I can use...
  14. H

    Is it really worth the money for me to get a ddr4 motherboard in my situatuion?

    So currently I'm pretty tight on money and i want to upgrade my computer. If i needed to i could strand out the extra money i would need for a ddr4 but i just don't know if it's worth it. Specs- Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 CPU AMD Athlon II X4 645 Propus 45nm Technology RAM 8.00GB...
  15. C

    AMD A10-5700 correct speed on MSI MS-7778

    Hello i have an HP p6-2410ev desktop. the motherboard is Msi Ms-7778 (jasmine) i have changed the cpu from A4-5300 to A10-5700. ( socket FM2, 65 watt, trinity) the A10-5700 normal speed is 3,4 GHZ. but mine syncronizes at 3.7 ghz. there are no options for the cpu on bios, and i cant change...
  16. A

    eGPU with a Samsung laptop

    So, I have been extensively researching about if I would be able to work up some type of external GPU system with my laptop that I bought last year. Basically, from what I've learned is that there are several ports that will support interfacing with an eGPU, of which Thunderbolt 3 would be the...
  17. A

    Is this PSU good enough for my specs?

    I dont really understand those PSU calulators, so is there anyone that could help me with this? Im upgrading from an old graphics card to a gtx 1060. I'm currently using this PSU: Corsair CX500, 500W My specs: CPU: Intel Core i3-4150 Motherboard: MSI B85M-E45, Socket-1150 RAM: DDR3 12 GB 1600...
  18. T

    Cases that work with Zagg Tempered glass ??

    Hey, So i'm thinking of buying this screen protector for my s7 edge : https://www.zagg.com/us/en_us/invisibleshield/samsung-galaxy-s7-edge/glass-curve-samsung-galaxy-s7-edge I know it's expensive but it's better than replacing the entire screen if i accidentally break it, the case is like...
  19. L

    PCI-e Help pleasee!

    I just bought a new pc and im assembling it. As i come along the graphics card, there is no spot for me to insert the PCI-e cable? Where does it go. I have a power core red dragon radeon rx460 4gb gpu. Please help im a beginner!
  20. HardBaller

    Driver keeps crashing and i'm lost

    Hey guys. So i woke up this morning. Started gaming and all of a sudden both screens went black, then back to normal and i got that balloon popup saying that my Nvidia driver kernel crashed and recovered. After this happened i figured ok. Well lets see if there is a new driver so i updated...