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  1. M

    Question 6800k vs Golden 7600k for 1080P gaming?

    Hey all, I currently have an X99 system with a 6800K running at 4.2GHz, but all I do is game. I only switched to the X99 because I got a good deal and couldn't resist. I have since come across a golden 7600K, which I delidded and it is doing 5.3GHz with a Coolermaster Hyper T4 Air Cooler and...
  2. D

    Question Switch CPU, PC WONT BOOT

    I switched from a i5-7600k to a i7-9700k. I put the 9700k in and cleared cmos, but the pc just bricked. I put the i5-7600k and clear the cmos and it starts up like nothings happened. Ideas? Edit: my motherboard is a asus z270h
  3. Kaynan92

    Question Need help! Trying to overclock my cpu to 5.0Ghz

    I could use some help overclocking my processor. I'm currently using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility seems to be a good software compared to some others I've seen. I can get it to idle at 5.0Ghz and pass Intels stress test, but I can't get it to run Intels benchmark for more then 5 seconds. Can...
  4. J

    Question Can I Run i5 7600k with 3600 MHZ Ram

    I am having a hard time getting any ram to work with my set up (At speed). It's bugging me and I am not sure what I am missing. Right now I have z270 Asus Prime, Crucial 3600mhz DDR4 {2x8gb} and a core i5 7600k. I had 3k mhz before and couldn't get it to behave at rated speeds, the crucial won't...
  5. B

    Question Upgrade 7600k to 9700k for RTX 2080?

    I currently have an i5 7600k (4.5 GHz) with an RTX 2080. I’m wondering how much of an improvement an i7 9700k would make. I occasionally get FPS drops into the 50’s on BFV and the 60’s on Apex Legends. Average FPS is more like 110. My CPU usage is often 100%. This is at 1440p with maximum...
  6. S

    Ryzen 5 2400g 3000 or 3200mhz RAM

    Hi guys ! I was wondering wich one of these two frequencies would be the best since I currently have ryzen 5 2400g. Also wich frequency would work best when a dedicated gpu is added and does it even make any difference then ?
  7. R

    [SOLVED] Laptop UPgrades options

    Hi, I have the HP 17.3 AMD-8-6410 APU w/ Radeon 5 Graphics 2.0ghz 6.0 RAM laptop and wanted to know what upgrade options I have for this laptop? Or should I get a new one? Thanks in advance,
  8. D

    How do you record audio playing on your computer WITHOUT recording audio in the surrounding environment?

    Hi everyone. Can anyone please tell me how to record the audio playing on a computer WITHOUT recording the audio in the surrounding environment? I want to record the audio of a video on my computer, but I don't want to record background noises from outside of my computer. I haven't been able...
  9. G

    MacBook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad still not working after PRAM reset

    My MacBook Pro’s keyboard and tracking has stopped working properly again. Last time I was able to reset the PRAM and SMC, this time however, none of those methods have worked. The keyboard and trackpad still work on a hardware level as I can still press the power button on and what not. I’m...
  10. N

    Best 27" QHD IPS monitor

    Hi all, I'm super close to having my build worked out, and now I'm picking a screen (for a 1080ti or 2070). I'm wanting a 27" display with 1440p, and want IPS @60Hz(I prefer it to TN). I've got four monitors I can't seem to narrow down. Here they are on Amazon (I'm Australian, but I know most...
  11. D

    Motherboard and Fans RGB Connections

    Hello everyone, so I was wondering for my new PC I'm going to build, I have 8 rgb fans from Thermaltake, (Riing Plus), and I wanted to know how the connections would work if would all connect them to the TT sync controller. Does the TT sync controller also take in the power AND rgb of the fans...
  12. A

    PC Upgrades Please

    I am looking to upgrade my PC I am doing this as i belive my current one is playing up too often. I mainly play Starcraft 2 at imo a high level (its not a dead game), but i do enjoy playing other games like ark, indie games, building games (cities skylines, planet coaster) and rainbow six siege...
  13. I

    Computer won’t boot after cleaning

    After cleaning my computers dust filters without any interaction with the electronics of it my computer it decided not to boot up after which happened the last time I cleaned it. The first time this happened to me I just took everything apart and put it bad together and it worked but this time...
  14. N

    I used older version of bittorrent and I could play the movies but then later I reset my phone so my older version was gone an

    I used older version of bittorrent and I could play the movies but then later I reset my phone so my older version was gone and I had to download the new version and after that whenever i download the movie it isn't playing in my player and I have tried vlc and mx player still it isnt playing...
  15. E

    Failure to boot w/ GPU installed: fans+lights - no beeps or display

    i believe this is everything important i've done to the pc crash under load (first time ever) restart crash under load failed to restart - fans spin + lights blink but no display or beeps restart 20min later (assumed overheat) crash under load failed to restart - fans spin + lights blink but...
  16. L

    Building new pc , recommended components?

    Hi I am going to build a PC and I didn't decide what to buy for Monitor and GPU. About GPU I want GTX 1080 and Monitor with 144hz, 27in, 2k/4k, 1ms and gaming but not too expensive. Any suggestions?
  17. appletatoes

    Coin Magi - Wallet Question

    Hello, Not sure if anyone would know or not but I am wondering what the Sign Message and Verify Message function in the Coin Magi - Wallet program does. This wallet is used to collect the mined currency of XMG or otherwise known as Magi Coin. Thank you, Appletatoes