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    [SOLVED] Gigabyte GTX 770 Components

    Hy ! Please , i need this components value , on my card is burned out. I attached the picture. Thanx !!! View: https://imgur.com/a/j0INf6h
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    [SOLVED] What is the best way of powering the GTX 770's 6 pin and 8 pin power inputs from a single 6 pin and 3 spare molex cables from my PSU?

    I'm upgrading the GPU in my HP Pavillion h8-1170uk (sorry). I bought the GTX 1660 only to find out my mobo isn't compatible thanks to the lack of UEFI Bios. With this in mind, I'm trying to find a non-UEFI compatible card that will run on a 460w PSU. I'm also wanting 4GB of GDDR5 for some of...
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    I need windows operating system disc for #Z8117000Q-9

    I need windows vista operating disc for my Toshiba lap top. Can some one help