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  1. G

    Question Gigabyte G31M-S2L - Success Bios update - black screen

    Hello folks, Yesterday I took my old 775 Gigabyte MB and I bought new CPU(Xeon E5450) in order to bring new life to that old machine. I tried to put the cpu in the MB, and it recognized it but the machine has shut down and it never succeeded to post the OS screen. So I put my old e5200 cpu...
  2. kelflame2610

    Question OBS Recording (Too Much Bass)

    I am trying out OBS to do recording, but the Audio Output Capture EQ is different from what I am hearing. To be specific the bass is just too much. I tried to play with the VST (ReaEQ) but it didn't make much difference. Is there anything I could do to capture the audio exactly the same from...
  3. P

    PC won't boot. Brand new components.

    [Moderator Note: Moved post to Graphics Cards.] Bought a new pc and the system won't boot. All the fans/lens turn on however I get nothing come out on my display. On the motherboard the VGA led turns on white and stays one. After trying some troubleshooting I replaced the graphics card and I...
  4. L

    Gtx 1080 20% utilization. Low fps

    Hey guys, I built this computer almost a year ago and haven't touched it the past 6 months. Before i left, i could get 200+ fps at 100 render and medium to high settings in overwatch, but recently after moving to a new apartment and bringing my computer with me, i wasn't getting the same fps as...
  5. beinik6

    What motherboard to get?

    Hello, I may buy an Intel I7 8700k soon and wanted to know which motherboard I should get. I dont wanna throw out too much money, so maybe MAX 150€. It should be compatible with this RAM: Corsair Vengeance (2x8GB 3000Mhz) and my GTX 1060 6GB. My Case (I wont buy a new one)...
  6. R

    I3 6100 and Gtx1050

    Can play modern games with i3 6100, gtx1050 & 4 gb 2333 ?
  7. borislav1212

    How do I make a mouse key type out a whole text.

    I recently got a gaming mouse and it seems to have two additional buttons at the side. So I wanted to program them for something useful. I though maybe one can type out my username and the other, my password.Is there a way to to that ?
  8. P

    Asus X370-F Gaming motherboard won't boot, show anything on screen

    Just got my new Pc parts today after a long wait due to snow. Hooked everything thing up and everything powers on just like it's supposed to, but the mobo just stays on the orange light (for dram issue) with no beeps at all. I have already tried putting ram in every slot with either one...
  9. L

    Please help if you like a challenge... beep codes, os failures

    asrock h77m pro4-m intel i5 2400 nvidia geforce gtx 960 gskill ripjaws ddr3 8gb x2 windows 10 Problem started early morning yesterday after system did windows updates, which was also shortly after I uninstalled Avast. I have tried many things, I ask that you please read them all, and it's...
  10. dmoren

    10 Best Alexa Skills for Kids

    These Alexa skills will help entertain and educate your children. 10 Best Alexa Skills for Kids : Read more
  11. A

    My pc configuration

    Hi:) nice to meet you guys. I'm Andrea. I have a question about my pc configuration for gaming. Here it is: •Asus Prime Z270-K •Intel i7 7700k 7th generation •Asus Strix GTX1080 8GB •Kingston Hyperx Savage 16GB DDRA 2800Mhz (two different blocks of 8GB) What do you think? Any suggestion...
  12. B

    Need with RAM corresponding to Motherboards

    Currently, this below is my build. This board shows 2933 as the maximum for my RAM's clock speed. I have a few questions, with this Ryzen build, will this get me that extra performance I've been hearing about? How much of a difference does clock speed make? Can I overclock this RAM to 3200? This...
  13. S

    Transferring files from C drive to D.

    Recently the C drive on my laptop has been completely filled while the other D drive is empty. I figured I could move all (or some) of my files such as photos, programs, and other stuff in the the separate drive. Is it as simple as drag and drop or will that cause problems? Please help :(
  14. L

    Consistent high latency despite consistent high download/upload speeds

    I recently rented a floor at someone house as an apartment and am having awful latency issues with absolutely everything I try to do on their network. My download/upload is perfectly fine, I've downloaded large files in moments. Pinging their ISP (CIK Telecom) directly gives this result...
  15. G

    Laptop shuts off randomly on battery power

    I have an MSI GE60 0ND laptop running Windows 7. When using battery power the laptop shuts off randomly and I have to plug the AC adapter back in to turn it on, then the battery shows that it is at 0% charge even if it was fully charged before it shut off. There is a message on the battery icon...
  16. T

    Cannot boot to SSD "Problem with Windows"

    So I have had my SSD with Windows on it for a while but original had Windows on my HDD. I still have Windows on my HDD and just booted to my SSD version of Windows. It has worked mostly fine but I have encountered similar problems previously. Now suddenly when I turned my PC on it booted to the...
  17. D

    Benq XL2730Z 144hz not showing correct

    Good day all! So I just bought a Benq XL2730Z and set it up however when trying the HZ test on ufotest it is showing as 60hz. Display Pilot shows current timing 2560x1440@144hz and so does the monitors menu information. I have also went in to Monitor settings and set to 144hz but each time I...
  18. E

    1080ti vs 1180ti or whatever they go with

    So I have a question about upgrading my gpu I have a 4k TV I recently got that is 50in and I plan on getting vive in the near future but I have this setup and only require a GPU should I hold out for a 1080ti or get a 1070 and the 1180ti or whatever they call it because my 960 is 4gb and some...
  19. P

    What Graphic Card Drivers are the "best" to get?

    Hello all, I have recently bought my first dedicated graphics card (an ASUS GTX 750 OC 2gb) but I don't know which drivers are most viable to download. Do I just download the most recent driver? Or should I back date to another driver that's somewhat "better"? Thanks, Panda
  20. S

    16GB RAM worth?

    Is it worth getting an extra 8GB's of RAM for just gaming? No streaming, no editing, just gaming (And internet browsing ofc) ?