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  1. Sonny208

    Question How to optimize a brand new 7900 XT on a ryzen 7 3700X

    Hi Guys So i'm really in need of help here. This is my PC: B450 Auros Pro WIfi 32gb RAM (already made sure months ago that they are at 3.2ghz which is the highest they go, i believe) Ryzen 7 3700x Brand new: 7900 XT PSU - 850W Gold Playing in a 1440p - 165hz monitor /DP cable Having a second...
  2. blpmc694

    Question My PC is underperforming badly, like really bad ?

    The 3dmark score is like lower than anyone with same system. View: https://imgur.com/a/1SW2e0B Already using yop pcie slot x16. Had tried without second monitor.
  3. B

    corrupt external USB drive

    Hi all. I have a MemUp external USB 300GB hard drive that stopped working days ago. I MUST recover part of the files. When I turn on the drive, it appears in Windows Explorer with the letter I: and with the root folders and files apparently intact. But when I select any folder it seems empty...
  4. M

    EVGA GeForce GTX760 SuperClocked Compability

    Can a Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus - 500W Power Supply, power this? (MFA99FX MB, FX8350 Chip) Any help would be appreciated, still noobish on the power requirements.