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  1. O

    Question Old PSU compatible with 2080ti

    I’ve trying to look for an answer but drawing a blank. I have a 1200W CoolerMaster Silent Gold Pro from a PC back in 2013. And with my new build I just bought a EVGA RTX 2080ti FTW3 Ultra. The Card requires two 8pin connectors (6+2 right?) and my question is do I take 2 of those cables and...
  2. Tushaaar

    Question 2×molex= 1×6pin and 2×6pin= 1×8pin

    I've a thermaltake 550 watt psu which have only 1 6 pin PCIe connector. Now I wanna upgrade my gpu. If I converte 2×molex to a 6 pin connector and then use the 2×6pin to create a 8pin connector would it be appropriate.... give me solutions guys... Thanks in advance.