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  1. InTakeYT1

    Question Best 650W PSU's?

    Was looking into the RM650x but it seems a little dated.. Is it good or do you have any recommendations Must be 80 + Gold and above and fully modular Thanks in advance
  2. Aadilsafi

    [SOLVED] XFX RX 580 8 GB Temps?

    XFX RX 580 8 GB max at 85 degrees Celsius and Core i7 2600 max 80 degree Celsius while playing Read Dead Redemption 2 is this normal or too hot? I have Thermaltake pure power 500 PSU and intel Q67 Motherboard I hope that won't be a problem.
  3. tsemb_p

    Question 80+ Certificate Question

    Hello guys, I am looking to build a new PC soon. I am going to use the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 as a CPU and the XFX RX590 Fatboy for GPU. First of all, is a 650w power supply enough to power my rig? If not, then how many Watts should my PSU have? Second of all, I found a specific PSU ( Seasonic Focus...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] 550W 80+ White for 1650 Super?

    Hey there, so I asked about whether if my psu is good for the RX 580, but as of recent I've bought the 1650 Super (which recommends a 350W PSU). Currently, I've got a Cooler Master MWE 550W 80+ W (i think its the 230v version) and wanting to know if it's good enough for it, or do I need a...