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  1. tsemb_p

    Question 80+ Certificate Question

    Hello guys, I am looking to build a new PC soon. I am going to use the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 as a CPU and the XFX RX590 Fatboy for GPU. First of all, is a 650w power supply enough to power my rig? If not, then how many Watts should my PSU have? Second of all, I found a specific PSU ( Seasonic Focus...
  2. yullbarez

    Question Is EVGA 600B enough for my PC?

    Hi my old PSU just blowed up PC is fine. I'm looking for new PSU and that EVGA 600B best i can buy. But i'm not sure it enough for my system. System Specs: Intel Xeon X5470 4.49 GHz OC CPU Asus ROG Commando Mobo Asus DirectCU II TOP GTX 680 2GB GDDR5 256 Bit GPU OCZ Reaper HPC 8GB(2GBX4) DDR2...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Cpu is throttling Ghz?

    My Cpu: Fx8300 I tested my temperatur while playing with Aida 64. I saw that my Cpu is dropping from 3.6Ghz to !!1.4Ghz!! instantly when I reach 65°celsius. At 60° it went up to3.6 again.. and so on. Maybe I buy a new cooler but first I wanna know if I can do anything against it? For example in...
  4. H

    Building PC for a friend. I'm really paranoid that I don't have everything. Please confirm?

    Alright, so after weeks of consideration, I finally picked all parts for my friend. I'll be giving him a spare Fm2+ Socket CPU, as well as a compatible motherboard. I'm also giving him a 500W power supply, and a CPU cooler. As well as all of this, are these parts...
  5. Awesomest Mario

    Worth it to upgrade?

    Hi everyone! I have an athlon x4 860k cpu, and a F2A88x mobo. My CPU is a huge bottleneck, and I would like to upgrade. A core i3 6100 seems good, but ill have to change my RAM, and mobo. I know on paper, the i3 is worse, but it seems to be better than what i have! And info is helpful!
  6. K

    Unknown FPS Problems

    Specs: CPU: i5-3570k, Standard Clock GPU: EVGA GTX 970 Overclocked @ 110% Power Target, 91C, +136Clock, +500Memory RAM: DDR3 4GBx2 Motherboard: MSI-Z77A Monitor: 1920x1080 Game: Planet Side 2 Problem: No matter how high or low I set my graphics in game, I don't see a significant difference in...