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  1. J

    Question What is a good pc build for heavily modding that’s around 800$

    I am building my very first pc and I want to be able to heavily mod and have a ENB for games like Fallout new Vegas. Does anybody know a good computer build that is around 800$-900$?
  2. K

    Bottlenecking GPU? Intel(with nvidia gpu)

    So will the... MSI GTX-650 OC Edition bottleneck when work with my old i3-530. THX in Advance!
  3. tomsguideUS

    How to Change the Default Language in Skype

    When Skype is installed on your computer, by default its language is set to English. In most cases it is assumed that anyone who uses Skype has basic understanding of the English language. In your case, if you belong to a particular region and want to view the entire Skype interface in your...