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    Question Exteremly low link-speed on win7 wifi hotspot

    I just setup a Wifi hotspot using CMD on my winows 7 PC with D-Link DWA-548 N300 PCI-e Card. i can see it on available wifi networks on my phone but it takes minutes to get the IP configs and super slow link-speed takes. Tried with my other PC and a different Wifi card and the same results...
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    Question using a6150, i get "cant connect to this network" when trying to connect to a 5ghz network.

    i can connect to 2.4ghz networks without problems. my wireless mode is a/n/ac, as said in the user manual for my adapter. my wifi's mode is 802.11ac, but i can switch it to n. bandwidth is 20mhz+40mhz+80mhz auto(the only one). channel is 40. i tried changing the ssid. my other devices connect...